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15 Things You Need To Know About Sam Smith's Secret Weight Loss Weapon

by Vivian KELLY ,
15 Things You Need To Know About Sam Smith's Secret Weight Loss Weapon© Sam Smith

Sam Smith dropped a ton of weight in the last few weeks and he looks amazing BUT what gave him his new chiseled physique? Ladies, we know his secret! Sam credits his new svelte figure to Amelia Freer's book, Eat. Nourish. Glow. Here's what we learned about it!

Sam Smith, 22, has shed more than three stone, including one stone in two weeks (yup, ONE stone in TWO weeks). The person he's praising for 'changing his life'? Food expert and nutritional therapist, Amelia Freer and her book. We took a first hand peek. Ladies, here's what we learned about it...

1. Snack attacks

Don’t give into snacking. Amelia believes you should be able to have three meals a day without wanting to buy a handful of Maltesers two hours before dinner. If you really need to eat something, get something like nuts, fruit and organic nut butter. Yum.

2. Guilt trips

There’s a whole lotta guilt tripping in this book. What Amelia thinks - If you got time for Facebook, you’ve got time to exercise and cook healthily too. Word.

3. Be mindful

There's loads of tips on how to eat mindfully. If you’re trying to lose weight it’s not just about what you eat but HOW you eat too.

4. Cutting out the bad guys

The diet involves minimising gluten, sugar and dairy so you'll have plenty more room for nutritional veg and vitamin-rich fruits. No excuses.

5. She's well known in the celebrity world

She's helped the likes of James Corden and Boy George! Yeahuh.

6. She'll sass you out

“WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T EAT BROCCOLI FOR BREAKFAST?” You can’t argue with that, right?

7. It's not just about weight loss

It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about lifestyle changes too! It’s about making you feel good inside and out! It's a feel good book.

8. There are some great craving tips...

Apparently sucking on herb-infused ice cubes works!

9. Don’t go cold turkey!

It’s all about baby steps people. Amelia recommends giving one thing up (whether it’d be caffeine, dairy, gluten ect) and going from there.

10. Out of sight, out of mind.

Before you start, you need a kitchen detox. Throw away anything and everything in your kitchen that’s not good for you. Bin temptations.

11. Sometimes you're thirsty NOT hungry

If you’re feeling hungry have a glass of water first. Sometimes we mix up dehydration with hunger.

12. Change your mindset.

It’s all in your head. If you associate being happy with bad foods, you’ll always turn to those. Change the way you think and make healthier versions of them - Amelia’s got some pretty delicious recipes in this book.

13. Fats are GOOD for you!

You just need to learn which fats. Things like avocado, eggs, coconut, oily fish, whole organic milk - they’re all the fats your body NEEDS!

14. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

We’re not going to be happy counting calories on our Fitness Pal every second of the day, are we? No. Be consistent with your healthy lifestyle but don’t punish yourself for indulging once in a while. We all deserve it.

15. Get to know yourself

Are you a discipled eater or do you give into your guilty pleasures far too often than you deserve? Know what kind of relationship you have with your food and make an effort to improve it. Only then, will you see RESULTS!

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Grab a copy of Amelia’s book here.

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