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17 Things People Who Are Starting A Diet Know To Be True

by Vivian KELLY ,
17 Things People Who Are Starting A Diet Know To Be True© Weheartit

Starting a diet can be a b*tch. Whether you're on the 5:2, a 30 day Eat Clean challenge or are just trying to switch up your eating habits, most of us know that trying to eat right and lose weight is a pain in the arse. So those of you who have never been on a diet before but are thinking about it (New Year's Resolution anyone?) consider this your disclaimer. Here are 17 things people who are starting a diet can all relate to.

These are harsh, but they're damn true.

1. Diets start on Mondays only.

Women are not wired to start mid-week - it's confusing, disruptive and mentally it just doesn't make sense.

2. You're constantly talking to yourself on a second to second basis

The self chat goes something like: 'It's not worth it! Don't do it girl. THINK Jessica Alba.'

3. Green juice really does taste like grASS

Spinach, kale, green apple and lemon. Mmm yummy (not).

4. Hangovers turn us into monsters

Don't even attempt to chow down a bacon buttie while we're sat there eating a fruit cup. The aftermath will not be pretty - just saying.

5. Chias seeds, spirulina and goji berries?


6. It costs a bomb

The cheap Chinese down the street is looking WAY more promising right now.

7. Drunk eating is forgiven

If you can't remember it, it doesn't count!

8. You get angry with your scale 9 out of 10 times

Weighing yourself becomes apart of your morning routine. Reality check: It doesn't happen overnight.

9. Keep your dieting plans on the DL...

...because family, friends, and colleagues will never give you the time of day. Beware: The Office Feeder

10. 'F it up Friday' is the BEST day ever invented

Fridays couldn't come any sooner.

11. After quitting for the third time, sh*t starts to REAL

No one's going to take you seriously if don't pull through next time. Now you really don't have a choice.

12. You'll NEED to learn to love healthy foods

C'mon, going cold turkey is like expecting a lion to become vegetarian. Unrealistic! Baby steps, ladies, baby steps.

13. Those £1 bags of deliciousness in Sainsbury's are going to have to WAIT.

(Until Christmas.)

14. Likewise, there's no such thing as just ONE

Just one shortbread biscuit with your tea? That's rude.

15. You'll always be hungry

Filing up on fruit and veg is not the same as eating a Big Mac.

16. People who eat right got skills

It's called SELF DISCIPLINE (and it's damn hard).

17. It will ALWAYS be an uphill battle

Pancakes and bacon will always prevail. You're never going to wake up and have a redefining moment in your life where you decide to live off salad leaves. Never.

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Vivian KELLY
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