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10 Pieces That You HAVE To Invest In From The Alexander Wang x H&M Collection

by Cliche Wynter ,
10 Pieces That You HAVE To Invest In From The Alexander Wang x H&M Collection© H&M

Not sure what items you should be picking up when the Alexander Wang x H&M collection hits stores? Let us help. Here are the 10 pieces that are actually worth your buck. FYI: Start weeping for your wallets NOW.

  1. · Wang Sweatshirt
  2. · Black Dress
  3. · Zip Booties
  4. · Parka
  5. · Sweater
  6. · Crop Top
  7. · Oversized Sweater
  8. · Quick Dry Shorts
  9. · Breathable Dry Dress
  10. · Trousers

When it was announced that Alexander Wang would be collaborating with H&M for a capsule collection we were absolutely stoked. Perhaps we were even more thrilled because they revealed the news during Coachella (aka the biggest music festival of the year). Whatever it was, it was hard to deny it's the most excited we've been for a designer collaboration since the mega retailer teamed up with Versace (we still marvel at our printed pleat skirt btw).

Now that they've unveiled all the Alexander Wang x H&M pieces that we can expect in stores, we've sifted through them to find the ones that are most worth your precious coins.

Check 'em out.

1. Wang Sweatshirt

Because who can say no to a cropped sweatshirt with the word "wang" embroidered across the chest?

2. Black Dress

LBDs are always a YES.

3. Zip Booties

These will cost you a pretty penny, but they're straight up #ShoePorn.

4. Parka

If this doesn't keep you warm, what will?

5. Sweater

A quick throw on for those mornings you're in a rush but still want to ooze cool.

6. Crop Top

We're seriously envisioning this top with a pair of high-waisted wide leg black trousers.

7. Oversized Sweater

Not only can it be worn as a dress, it also comes with a little peekaboo action.

8. Quick Dry Shorts

Hello, new workout gear!

9. Breathable Dry Dress

A dress that's equally sporty and sexy is hard to come by. This is a must have!

10. Trousers

Perfect for those chilly autumn days.

Will you be picking up anything from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection? Tweet us your fave pieces @sofeminineUK

This article was written by Cliché Wynter. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

Cliche Wynter
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