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Black Diamond room launching at Grace Belgravia

by cheree ,
Black Diamond room launching at Grace Belgravia© Grace Belgravia

Pelleve is one of the leading treatments for smoother, younger looking skin and now it's launching at an all women's member's club in London - at the infamous Grace Belgravia.

Whether you agree or not with the principal of an all-female member's club, one thing can't be denied - walking into the club is a little bit of luxury. With beautiful floral displays, business talks, networking events, fine food and results focused beauty treatments on offer, the place is designed to be a sanctuary for business women on-the-go.

The latest addition to Grace Belgravia is the Black Diamond Room launched by Dr. Rita Rakus. This is the room to book into if you're on a quest for a refreshed appearance. The room will play host to Dr. Rita Rakus who can give consultations on a range of non invasive beauty treatments as well as things like muscle inhibitors and fillers. Most excitingly is the launch of the Pelleve treatment that is so popular at her Knightsbridge practice.

The Spa Therapist team at Grace Belgravia has been trained to use the Pelleve equipment by Dr. Rakus, who is a recipient of the International Pelleve Glidesafe Award of Excellence, ensuring the best possible results.

Dr. Rakus says: "I'm delighted to be able to offer Pelleve and to consult at Grace Belgravia and think there is a great amount of synergy between the two brands which focus on enhancing natural beauty and wellbeing within an environment which is truly professional."​​

Pelleve is a radiofrequency treatment that delivers constant, gradual radiofrequency energy into the skin to stimulate collagen production. Over time skin appears younger looking and more radiant with long lasting results - a clinical study showed 9 out of 10 patients experienced a significant benefit with almost 90% of them still having a lasting effect after six months.

If you're keen to find out more, just contact the team at Grace Belgravia on 020 7235 8900.

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