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10 DIY Christmas Presents That Beat Anything You Can Buy

by Dagney Pruner ,
10 DIY Christmas Presents That Beat Anything You Can Buy

If you're anything like the average 20 or 30-something girl, then you have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. Love: free bar Christmas parties, gifts from everybody that loves you, mistletoe, etc. Hate: spending lots and lots of cash buying gifts for everybody you love and dresses for said holiday parties. Have no fear! Here are 10 gift ideas for your girlfriends or your man that won't break the bank.

  1. · Custom soap dispensers
  2. · Recipe plate
  3. · The survival kit
  4. · Reindeer beers
  5. · Lottery tickets
  6. · Customized deck of cards
  7. · DIY trail mix
  8. · Customised gift cards
  9. · Customized candles
  10. · Melted snowman

1. Custom soap dispensers

This is great for a guy or a girl as long as you know their favorite booze to guzzle down on Saturday nights. All you need is an empty booze bottle and a soap plunger from any kitchen or hardware store. You can finally put all those empty skinny girl margarita bottles to good use.

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2. Recipe plate

Have a great food or drink recipe you want to share? Easy as pie. Head over to the pound store and pick up a stack of plates, then all you need is the recipe and a Sharpie and ka-boom you have a hand-crafted recipe plate. If your friend is a cook then it is the gift that keeps on giving and it's a great gift for your significant other's parents.

3. The survival kit

These are great for people you know very well, i.e. a BFF or a boyfriend. This is basically a bag of inside jokes that you can get from the supermarket. You can put in their favourite magazine, the first movie you two ever watched together, their favourite gum or chapstick, a pair of socks because their feet are always cold, toothpaste because they always steal yours, etc. All together the gift does not cost that much, but it is a really sweet way to show how well you know them and reminisce on all your times together.

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4. Reindeer beers

Does it feel like you are going to a million holiday parties this winter? You probably are, and all the hosts are probably really tired of getting cinnamon scented candles. Bring the party with you with a six pack of beer and spice them up using pipe cleaners, pom poms and some googly eyes. Everybody likes getting beer and they'll like it even more when they've got cute red noses.

5. Lottery tickets

This gift is great if you have about 20 friends you feel that you need to get gifts for. The week of Christmas buy about 20 lottery tickets and put them each in an envelope with a nice card. Let your friends know when drawing is so they can see if they won! So even though the odds are slim that they ended up becoming a millionaire, the anticipation of the drawing is fun and it is a unique present for your tight knit group. You can also opt for scratch-offs they'll have a better chance of winning some dough!

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6. Customized deck of cards

This is probably best for a significant other, but all you need is a deck of cards, a sharpie, and a hole puncher for this gift. If you can sit down and think of 52 things you love about somebody then this is probably the perfect gift for you to give. Feel free to make things as sentimental or as sexy as you want.

7. DIY trail mix

Is your friend addicted to chocolate raisins, M&Ms, almonds and Mentos? Perfecto! You can put all of the snacks they love in one jar and tie it up with a nice bow. It shows how well you know them and also gives them something to much on weeks after Christmas is over.

8. Customised gift cards

This is a great gift for one of your family members, a significant other or BFFs. Are you always the one that makes somebody else drive or pick the restaurant or refuses to watch that zombie movie your boyfriend has been dying to make you watch? Put together a booklet for somebody of special things you can do for them redeemable at any time. Paint samples from the home improvement store are the perfect size. If you're doing it for your significant other feel free to let the gift cards get a little frisky.

9. Customized candles

If you're the average girl then you probably have zero memory on your phone because you have so many selfies of you and your BFF. Finally put those pics to good use and put them on a candle. All you need is: tissue paper, wax paper, the pic, some candles and a blow dryer! Who doesn't want a candle with you and your girlfriends rocking duck lips? Get detailed instructions here.

10. Melted snowman

If you're feeling cheap, lazy or just like giving a gag gift, then look no further than the "melted snowman." Step 1: find a water bottle. Step 2: tape on a piece of paper as a blank label. Step 3: write "melted snowman." It's easy, cheeky and let's be honest, everybody needs to hydrate.

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