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10 Foolproof Steps To Getting Your Girl The Perfect Gift

by Dagney Pruner ,
10 Foolproof Steps To Getting Your Girl The Perfect Gift© Getty

It's very rare that a girl gets the EXACT gift she wants from her significant other. Women can be complicated. We'd probably be lying if we said that we didn't take into account the fact that the amount of thought you put into our gift may, or may not be, directly correlated to how much you care. We're sorry, we can't help it. Here are 10 easy steps to getting your girl the perfect gift she probably wants this holiday season.

  1. · It's ALL about the card
  2. · Wrap the gift yourself
  3. · Stay away from clothes
  4. · Enlist help
  5. · Being sentimental will always matter more than how much money you spend
  6. · Don't forget, activities can be a gift too
  7. · If she says she doesn't want a gift, she's lying
  8. · Don't give her something her dad could give her
  9. · NO gift cards
  10. · Go overboard

Getting a girl the perfect Christmas gift isn't an exact science, but it's not rocket science either. If you follow these 10 easy steps you will be sure to at least get a smile and a good pat on the back for your efforts this holiday season.

1. It's ALL about the card

Unless you plan on buying your girl a brand new Porsche, it's almost ALWAYS about the card. If your card comes from the heart and says things you normally wouldn't, or haven't, said out loud, she will remember that more than the gift that comes after. So definitely get a card and take the time to write something nice in it. We may lose those earrings a week after Christmas, but we keep those cards FOREVER.

2. Wrap the gift yourself

It's the 21st century, so almost every store in the world gift wraps. We know you suck at wrapping gifts and we know you hate doing it, but it is so much sweeter to know you took the time to wrap it yourself even if it looks like a four year old did it.


3. Stay away from clothes

Getting your girl clothes for Christmas is the ultimate lose-lose situation. If they're too big she's going to think that you think she's fat. If they're too small she's going to be mortified that they don't fit. Unless it's a scarf that says "one size fits all"... no. clothes.

4. Enlist help

There's nobody that knows a girl better than her friends and family so don't be afraid to run some ideas by the people that know her best. If they say it's probably a not good idea, trust them, they are saving you a world of pain.


5. Being sentimental will always matter more than how much money you spend

You may think you need to drop serious £££ to wow your girl with a Christmas gift, but the truth is girls would always rather have something that comes from the heart than the bank account. So make a collage of all your pictures together or collect matchboxes from every restaurant you've been to together. Stuff like that may not beat a new Porsche, but it beats generic diamond earrings every day of the week.

6. Don't forget, activities can be a gift too

It's easy to get cornered into thinking that you need to get your girl a tangible gift like jewelry, but activities can be a creative way to give something you guys can enjoy together. Is one of her favorite bands (that you may hate) performing in your town in soon? Get her tickets. Has she always wanted to learn how to mix fancy cocktails? Book a mixology class you two can do together.

7. If she says she doesn't want a gift, she's lying

Even if you girl does the whole song and dance and says that she "doesn't want a gift" for Christmas, chances are high to quite high she's totally full of it. Even if she's the type of girl that hates her birthday, give her a card and small gift anyway, way better to err on the side of giving too much then too little. If not, you will never live it down.


8. Don't give her something her dad could give her

Getting gifts, no matter who they are from, is always great. But you are always secretly looking forward to your gift from your significant other the most because those can be the most special and intimate. If you're thinking of getting something for her that could have come from her dad i.e. a nice candle set, cashmere gloves, those flannel pj's she's been eyeing, etc. resist the temptation and get her something romantic i.e. a couple's massage or sexy nightie.

9. NO gift cards

It may seem like a no brainer, but you'd be surprised how often guys want to give a gift card. Even if it's to the favorite restaurant you love to go to together, gift cards require almost no thought and are lame. So unless you want to be sleeping on the couch, put a little more thought into it.


10. Go overboard

If you think girls sit around drinking pumpkin spice lattes gossiping about Made In Chelsea and comparing the gifts they got from their significant others... you're not totally wrong. Some men totally drop the ball when it comes to the Christmas gift while some other men get on one knee and propose. You don't need to be gifting a diamond ring if you're not ready, but don't make your girlfriend be the girl that's embarrassed to tell her girlfriends the lackluster gift you got her. Be the guy that has his girlfriend's friends "ooh-ing" and "ah-ing" over your thoughtfulness, it will pay major dividends in the long run.


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This article was written by Dagney Pruner. Follow her on Twitter @dagneyp

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