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On Wednesdays, We Wear... Blush Pink! How To Style Autumn's Sassiest Shade

by Lareese Craig ,
On Wednesdays, We Wear... Blush Pink! How To Style Autumn's Sassiest Shade

Pink isn't everyone's cup of tea. Least not the bright, in yo face Barbie variety anyway. But now, there's a new softer all-the-more sophisticated shade, and it's bound to tickle everyone's fashion fancy - even those of us whose wardrobes live by the all black errrything rule. Say hello to the hottest hue you'll set eyes on this season. It's so beautiful, it'll make you blush. Oh yeah, we went there.

​It's not pastel, it's not even baby. In fact, I'm not even sure we can think up a name that gives this Instagrammable shade enough justice because it's just so. effing. beautiful.

With wedding season in full swing (London, we'll take more of that heatwave business please!), we need all the outfit inspiration we can get.

From back-flashing dungarees and suedette jackets, who knew blush pink could be this fetch?! These girls. That's who. Check out how they're wearing the only shade to be seen in this season and then proceed to burn up your credit card.

blush pink © https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/405886985147968439/
blush pink
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Cafe rose

Chalky trench goals

Throw on threads. Yes to that!

Yellow and pink together? This combo is everything

Oh hey, deliciously bronzed summer arms

Lightweight knits. Swoon.

Look at this cool cat!


Kimono dress chic

More of these sassy pleats please

Blush pink cigarette trews know how to stop traffic

Jean jackets are back. TF.

Bossing those off the shoulder vibes *tan shoulders tan*

The Bomber Club. We're IN.

Layered up and lit

Pink is this girl's middle name and if it's not, it should be

Can she be our stylist? Thank you. Please.

Matching mules *heart eyes emoji*

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Lareese Craig
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