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Introducing Our #InstaStarSF Of The Week: Lorna Luxe

by Lareese Craig ,
Introducing Our #InstaStarSF Of The Week: Lorna Luxe

What better way to kickoff our brand new #InstaStarSF feature than with the lovely fashion blogger extraordinaire, Lorna Luxe. She'll be the first of many fashion and beauty influencers to take over our Instagram account, sharing her style secrets and making us all massively envious in the process. It's fine, we forgive easily.

Today we're launching our brand new fashion blogger takeover #InstaStarSF and it's no surprise that we cherry-picked the gorgeous Lorna Adams AKA Lorna Luxe from Brighton to be our very first (seriously well-dressed) guest.

With her flawless outfit posts and her sharp eye for pristine photography, her Instagram feed will leave you wishing for a slice of the seaside lifestyle - and the Brightonian wardrobe that comes with it.

From her enviable pins to zippy captions and her ability to capture beauty in the every day - it's no wonder she's earned herself a healthy 86.4K Insta following.

Ready to breathe it all in luxe it all out? Here's what Miss Adams had to say about living life in the luxe lane.

Why did you set up Lorna Luxe?

I began instagramming general selfie's before work, food shots at weekends and vacay pics whenever I could. I was suddenly hooked on the diary element of capturing my days and it grew from the there. The blog came much later and felt like the natural progression from instagram.

Why did you decide to use your name?

It's been my nickname for years, so it was the first choice when I began my instagram account. By the time I'd decided to blog, I already had a small following so for simplicity I decided to keep everything the same.

"Breathe it all in luxe it all out" is your trademark bio - what was you inspiration behind that?

I wrote that the day I started my insta. It's a spin on my favourite quote "Breathe it all in, love it all out". I have it etched on a mirror by my bedside - next to a glass jar of sweets and my fave perfume Fleurissimo. I like to be surrounded by the familiar, probably the reason I've never changed my insta-bio.

What can people expect on your blog?

Pics of me and a good natter about what I'm wearing, I love the occasional collage and I use polyvore to create mini mood boards of the things I'm coveting. It's relatively light-hearted, I'm super influenced by editorials but I try not to overthink what I like and why.

What's the best experience you've had through blogging?

The blogging community are a friendly bunch. I've connected with bloggers far and wide and they all appear to have an oracle on where's best to eat, shop and drink (for best read photogenic) in their respective cities. It's a bit like having a personal tour guide whenever I travel. I just wish Paris fashion week was a fashion month.

What can we expect on your Instagram take over?

Bright pictures, what I'm wearing. Oh and there's a 99% chance of coffee. Maybe a pastry. It's hungry business taking pictures.

Who do you check in with every day on Instagram?

Guilty pleasures include my life crush @annikavonholdt @sixsevensix for captures of London that remind me why I love this place. And I'm also a huge fan of blogger @alwaysjudging too, that whole too-cool-for-school chick in LA thing never gets old.

What's been your most popular post/ the most meaningful thing that's happened to you on Instagram?

I think from a popular perspective, I posted my foot on a stack of books wearing a stiletto and I'm forever seeing it regrammed and pinterested. There's such a great sense of achievement in seeing something you've captured reposted by others.

What do you think will be the next big Insta trend?

I predict the video element to gather some pace. Maybe snapchat has fuelled the flame but I've already noticed a growth in the amount of video uploads on my newsfeed.

What top tips would you give for success on Instagram?

Regular posting, engaging with those you follow/who follow you, maintaining a similar filter on your images, hash tagging to help people find you and ultimately enjoying what you post will all help to build your profile.

How would you describe your Instagram style? Does it differ from your blog?

Visually my style is bright and bold. My insta's a meticulous, ruthless even edit which I now use more as a teaser for my blog. And by teaser I mean I'll cut the image to encourage people to head to my blog for the full shot - it's a well known fact us fashion bloggers love to chop our heads off.

What makes a great Insta post?

Making the relatable beautiful - flowers, coffee, a great view - these are the things we're so familiar with yet to see it captured in a beautiful and inspiring way is to me what makes a great post.

How important is the image itself on Insta or do captions play a part too?

I ask myself this all the time. I'd say the perception of the image can change from the caption, but for me I look at the image before I ever read the copy. Although caption struggle is no urban myth. I've gone a whole day postponing my next upload because I'm lacking a witty caption for my flatlay.

How difficult is it to stand out in the pool of Instagram fashion bloggers?

I think it's hard not to get influenced by the high volume of other bloggers and igers. Being original has become the golden ticket, so I try to be experimental, avoid the predictable and follow my gut. All that and a bit of luck I reckon.

Last word from Lorna...

If you can't be better be different. And vice versa. That or be a unicorn!

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Introducing Our New #InstaStarSF Of The Week: Lorna Luxe © Instagram @lornaluxe
Introducing Our New #InstaStarSF Of The Week: Lorna Luxe
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