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The Fashion Mistakes You've Got To Stop Making

by Lareese Craig ,
The Fashion Mistakes You've Got To Stop Making© Getty Images

When it comes to committing fashion crimes we're all guilty as charged, unless you're Rosie Huntington-Whiteley of course. It's near on impossible to get it right all of the time which is why we thought we'd lay it on the line with these top 21 fashion mistakes to avoid. Stat. Because let's face it, no one wants to be the girl in the see-through leggings.

Dressing too small, trying to be someone you're not or stepping out with a camel toe, we've all been subject to these fashion blunders at least once and if you haven't, you're lying. Whether you've gone as mad as Miley or have just ventured into experimental dressing, know that's it's OK to make mistakes. It's how you learn from them that really counts. Oh yeah, we got deep.

1. Crocs

"Wow, that's a nice pair of crocs," said no one ever. Point made?

2. Exposed underwear

Where to start on underwear? It doesn't matter if it's a pair of peeking panties or a black bra strap, showing the world your négligée kinda defeats the object of it being underwear. And whilst we're on the subject, clear bra straps... WTF.

3. Showing too much

Assets. We've all got them but that doesn't mean they have to be on full display all of the time. A cleavage that winds up under you chin is going to attract all of the wrong kinds of attention and if you get your legs out as well? More fool you.

4. The VPL

You don't have to be Bridget Jones to have suffered with VPL syndrome. That's a visible panty line if you're wondering. It occurs when one's cheeks are intersected by the tight elastic of one's panties. Big knickers, Spanx, briefs... show them a tight trouser and they are the ultimate enemy. Our advice? Always check out your rear view before leaving the house and invest in a thong. Failing that you can always let your lady garden breathe for the day and go commando. Are you brave enough?

5. Harem pants

There's nothing sexy about like looking like Aladdin in a nappy. Why oh why do we do it to ourselves?

6. The wrong underwear

Remember when a black bra under a white top was fashionable? Yeah, that never actually happened - we 90s kids just thought it did. Accept it and move on.

7. Style icon obsession

You know when you take a picture of a celebrity's hair into the salon and the stylist is looking at you as if to say, ain't no way I can make you look like that, well the same thing goes for fashion. Don't base your style on someone else, and definitely avoid all style advice from Pharrell. Jees.

8. Ankle swingers

If the boy you're seeing is too small for you when you're in heels do you just carrying on dating him? No. You get a new one. Same rule applies with your trousers. If they're swinging up by your ankles someone will throw something at you. For sure.

9. See through leggings

Oh does that say denier? I thought it said derrière and now you can see my butt. Don’t do it to yourself. And more importantly don’t do it to us because then we have to go through that whole, ‘Do we tell her you can see her bum cheeks or not?' dilemma? Toes. Curling.

10. Wearing your gym kit everywhere

We don’t care how hot your butt looks in your tight yoga pants, lycra is not every day attire. Unless you're Jen Selter.

11. Sweans

What do you get when you combine sweat pants (shudder) with jeans? Sweans. We might have known Miley Cyrus had something to do with this cross breeding garb. Dry your hair with them, dry your dog with them just don't go wearing them.

12. Pulling your trews up too far

This one's a delicate subject and it makes our eyes water just thinking about it. It's the dreaded camel toe. As much as we can vouch for pulling your trousers up to hold in your love handles, it can't be at the expense of your nether regions. In Khloe Kardashian's words CTC: Cover the camel.


13. The curtain print

Every girl loves a floral print but go too fussy and you run the risk of looking like granny's best uphostery. Not a good look. Unless you're auditioning for Mrs Doubtfire 2.

14. Fabric, so much fabric

If there's a sure fire way to get fashion fat it's with folds and folds of fabric. Big Fat Gypsy Wedding eat your heart out.

15. Soggy bottom

Is it just us or has everyone got a pair of jeans that give you a saggy, soggy bottom? Wear them more than once. Soggy bottom. Wash them. Soggy bottom. If only they kept their shape like they said they would... sigh.

16. Monochrome

Ok, so it's not the worst fashion crime to commit but next time you're wearing head to toe black and white just make sure you're not carrying a note pad and a wine glass. Waitress alert.

17. Cut out

Showing a little bit of skin isn't going to make headlines but when cut out becomes cut away that's when you've got serious problems on your hands. Like, grooming your private parts kinda problems. No one wants to see that!

18. Oversized

Sure, Victoria Beckham can pull off the oversized thing but for us mere mortals you run the risk of looking like human tent. Buying clothes that hang off you is just as bad as stuffing yourself into a smaller size.

19. Too small

As hard as it is to stop trying to squeeze into your sentimental favourites, if you have to lie down on the bed to do up your top button, then it's time to move on to an appropriately-sized wardrobe. Sniff sniff.

20. Immobility

That shiny PVC skirt you bought because you saw Kim Kardashian wearing it. Yeah. You can’t walk in it. You need five people to help you sit down, everyone can hear you squeaking down the corridor. And stairs? Don't even think about it.

21. Ill fitting shoes

If they're too big, too small, too painful - here's a clue - don't buy them. It's simple really. But still we'd rather walk round doing this just to keep those boots...


Got any other fashion faux pas you wanna share with us? Send us a tweet @sofeminineUK

Lareese Craig
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