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Lily Cole launches eco-friendly jewellery line

by Lareese Craig ,
Lily Cole launches eco-friendly jewellery line© Lily Cole

Flame-haired model and eco-campaigner, Lily Cole, has turned fashion designer for the launch of her own jewellery line with Sky Rainforest Rescue and WWF. The accessories collection is inspired by the rubber industry and is set to raise public awareness of the benefits of using natural resources. How much do we love this girl right now?

Model and actress, eco-campaigner and fashion muse, Lily Cole has just added a new string to her bow, by designing an accessories line in collaboration with Sky Rainforest Rescue and WWF to encourage people to think about the planet.

She was hugely influenced by the Sky Rainforest Rescue after a week-long trip to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest where she met women working in the rubber industry. It was seeing their experiences first hand that inspired her to use the material in her collection.

The environmentalist visited rubber tappers and their families and decided to "bring their story back to the UK." And boy are we glad.

Speaking about her Met Ball corset dress by Vivienne Westwood (which used the same Amazonian wild rubber), Lilly Cole told Elle Magazine: “I loved it, thank you! I had so much fun wearing it. I hope that people will start using natural materials for fashion purposes more.”

Lily added, “It’s crazy to be using something unsustainable when there is an option to be so much more environmentally aware and supportive.”

The jewellery collection is now available exclusively on Stylist Pick with prices starting from £10 and 100 percent of the profits will go back to the rainforest.

We’re all for making the fashion world green, go Miss Cole go.

Lareese Craig
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