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11 Online Dating Tips That Are On A Need-to-know Basis

by Cliche Wynter ,
11 Online Dating Tips That Are On A Need-to-know Basis© Getty

If you're one of the brave souls facing the bizarre world of online dating, we salute you. We know how hard it can be putting yourself out there. Not only do you feel like a loser for having to resort to the web for love, you also have to put together a kick-ass profile. Stressful much? Ugh! But no worries. Here are a few online dating tips that will make it a little easier.

After one too many nights curled up on the couch watching Gossip Girl reruns, you've decided it's time to pull yourself together. Why? Because you're way too hot to be wasting your good looks on a couch and a tub of chocolate ice cream. That's why.

It's about freakin' time you get back out into the dating world and snag yourself a Prince Charming. Right? Right.

Our suggestion? Give online dating a shot.

But before you do, check out a few dos and don'ts that will spare you loads of embarrassment and score you a few nights out on the town.

Go easy on the Photoshop


Listen, hun. We all want to be picture perfect Beyoncé. Unfortunately we weren't quite as blessed. So don't go cray cray using Photoshop to alter your face and body. Just don't.

Stick to reality please! Flaws and all.

Try to keep things positive

No one can stand a Debbie Downer... especially a man looking for a date. Talking about everything you hate about the world probably won't bring all the boys to your yard. Keep it cute (online at least) or keep it on mute!

Show off your sense of humour

Ah, yes! Being funny never goes out of style. Who doesn't want a girl that can laugh at herself and have a great time?

Write a killer profile intro that showcases your wit (without making you look too try-hard).

Don't upload a million pictures

While you're carefully curating your online profile, think quality over quantity. Only use a select few of your best photos. Key words: select few. Because we get it; you're gorgeous, but there's no need for a gazillion duck face selfies. Cringe!

Avoid the cliche bullsh*t

Oh.... so you like long walks on the beach, too? There's a shocker. Even if that's the honest-to-God truth, everyone has heard that line ad nauseam.

Dig a little deeper, girl. We know you have it in you!

Quit being a psycho

After you land a date or two, don't even think about stalking him and declaring your undying love. That's definitely psycho bitch status.

Press that chill button and relax.

Stay away from creeps

Yeah, stay away from that guy.

Don't brag about your sex skills

Even if you have talents that could put even the best porn stars to shame, the whole world doesn't need to know. Bragging about your blow jobs? Tacky.

Leave a little to the imagination

Killer bod? That's great, awesome and freakin' brillo! But let him wait to see what you're working with.

No need for thirst trap flicks, ladies.

Take some initiative

It's okay to make the first move. If you see something you like, go and get it!

Keep calm and carry on

So you messaged him and he hasn't responded. Don't freak! There are loads of other dudes waiting for you, hot stuff.

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