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Tinder App brought to life: How it works face to face

by Ursula Dewey Published on 10 December 2013
Tinder App brought to life: How it works face to face© YouTube

We all love Tinder. It gives us an easy way to like or reject with a simple, satisfying swipe. Hotties to the right and losers to the left. All we have to do is check out that first profile pic and take a second to decide if they're dateable. So how would Tinder work if we did exactly the same thing in real life? Two YouTube comedians tried it out in New York's Central Park. And here's the result!

YouTubers Dave and Ethan decided it was time to see how Tinder might work out there on the street.

​A cardboard cut out of the Tinder interface and a few single volunteers later, here's how the guys got rated face to face. What's more they're given a chance to talk too - suddenly Tinder is all kinds of interactive.

Tinder in real life


We think they all took it pretty well. Got a Tinder story to share with us? Tweet it to us @sofeminineUK