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10 Workout Essentials You NEED In Your Gym Bag

by Pascale Day ,
10 Workout Essentials You NEED In Your Gym Bag© We Heart It

If you're still going to the gym in February then congratulations: you've successfully passed the January gym test and it's highly likely your newfound exercise regime is more than a post-Christmas fad. But if you're really serious about all this gym stuff, you're going to need the kit to go with it. Here are the workout essentials you need to make your love affair with the gym last long into the next 12 months.

Gibson Girl On Point tights

As many gym buffs will know, it's actually kinda hard to find a good pair of tights to work out in. You want them to be suitable for everything, from running to lifting to spinning to eating out with your friends after the gym. These tights from new fitness brand Gibson Girl are perf for every exercise occasion, with sweat wicking material and a nice, high waistline which, as many of us know, is the key to getting in a top notch workout (squatting in low-rise leggings? No, just no). They've also got a teeny tiny super sneaky zip pocket at the back to slot your gym card into, and the grey and red polka dots are a nice change-up from black tights - but they do come in black, if classic is your thang. Then, complete the look with the matching Cool As Crop Top, but we warn you: be prepared to be stopped mid-run for compliments.

RRP: £69 from Gibson Girl

PhD Woman starter pack

PhD is perf if you are starting to get serious about your workouts and want to introduce more protein after exercise. The two-week starter pack contains 10 servings of strawberry protein shake, a shaker cup (essential if you want to drink your shake), two meal replacement protein bars, and a greens & berries sachet to add to your shake for extra nutrients. So if you wanna get legit fit, pop one of these shakes in your gym bag for a post-workout boost.

RRP: £19.99 from Boots

Urbanista wireless headphones

For those who like to run, these headphones are a god-send. Because they're wireless you never had to worry about where to rest your iPhone, or about accidentally tugging them out your ears. The winged earbud curves up into your ear so they stay secure whilst you're moving about. They're connected by bluetooth, which means you can walk away from your phone and the music will carry on playing (at a reasonable distance of course). Just use the handy clip at the back to attach them to your top and start running.

RRP: £59.99​ from urbanista.com

Scholl GelActiv Sport insoles

If you find you have problems with your joints when exercising, these might provide a bit of relief. The insole is designed to act like teeny tiny springs to help reduce stress on the lower body joints. Plus, if you find you're someone who gets sweaty feet, these'll help to keep that little problemo at bay.

RRP: £14.99 from Boots

TomTom heart rate monitor

The Runner Cardio GPS watch is a pricey buy, but totally worth it if you're really serious about your running. It will not only track your heartbeat, but also your distance, time, pace, and speed, so you're always fully up-to-date with your progress.

RRP: £179.99 from tomtom.com​

G-Loves workout gloves

If you're finding you're more of a weight lifting kinda gal, then treat yourself with some cute weight lifting gloves. G-Loves have some gorgeous designs for girls who wants something nice to look at whilst working on their deadlifts. These gold hologram gloves will make even the most gruelling of workouts feel that bit more glamorous.

RRP: £29.72 from g-loves.com​

Victoria's Secret water bottle

You can't go to the gym without water, can you? But don't just take any old bottle. This stainless steel beauty from Victoria's Secret will make you the envy of all the gym-goers at the water cooler.

RRP: £21.69 from Victoria's Secret​

Asics running shoes

If you want to do a lot of running, you'll need to invest in some comfy running shoes. These bad boys from Asics are the perfect shoe for those long morning runs before work. Super comfy, super lightweight.

RRP: £100 from Wiggle.com​

Urbanista phone armband

You don't want to leave your phone astray in the gym right? So instead of leaving it in the holders on the crosstrainer (which, for some horrible reason, always have gum in them), slot it into an Urbanista armband. With adjustable settings it'll find the perfect fit for your arm, and comes in loads of different colours to suit your mood.

RRP: £15.51 from urbanista.com

Cuticura hand sanitiser

At the gym, hygiene is so important. So make sure you alway keep a little hand sanitiser in your bag so that you can squeeze a dab into your hands on your way out. Plus, this one from Cuticura smells delicious.

RRP: £1.49 from Boots

Sock It To Me workout socks

A workout wouldn't be complete without socks. I mean, have you ever tried to work out sockless? It's not easy, I'll tell you that much. These badass socks are just that, perfect for working out on the cross-trainer and super stretchy to fit any calf size.

RRP: £8.30 from sockittome.com​

Do you have any other gym back essentials? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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