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Too Cold To Exercise? Top 10 Ways To Exercise At Home!

by Vivian KELLY ,
Too Cold To Exercise? Top 10 Ways To Exercise At Home!© We Heart It

If it's feeling too frosty to do the morning jog why not switch up your routine and dominate your workouts at home? From stretching out with resistance bands to using free online workouts we have tons of tips and tricks to share on how to get fit and tone up WITHOUT hitting the gym. Here are the top 10 ways to exercise at home...

  1. · Invest in free weights
  2. · Get online
  3. · Listen to your favourite playlist
  4. · Find a fitness buddy
  5. · Get resistance bands
  6. · Use fitness apps
  7. · Join the Tabata craze
  8. · Programme your home workout
  9. · Use a stepper
  10. · Most importantly, have FUN!

Yup it's that time of year again. Cold rainy days and unbearable blowing winds. *Oh how we dread it*.

But that doesn't mean working out is impossible! There are loads of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own living room. Want to know more?

We got chatting to personal trainer and Be the Fittest Founder, Tyrone Brennand to give us all the expert tips we need to get fit and tone up at home fast and effectively. Here's the deal...

1. Invest in free weights

Investing in a dumbbell tree is one of the best workout tools you can have at home. So much that investing in dumbbells or even a small weighted bar can really give you "an effective workout AS GOOD as you get from the gym" says Tyrone.

"Make sure to work the whole body with compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, to more isolated exercises focusing on individual muscle groups." They don't cost much either. You can purchase a set for about £20 at Argos and that's not even equivalent to one month's gym membership!

2. Get online

Whether you're home or in a hotel room, finding the perfect workout online can really help you get started on your fitness mission without the same old 'weather' excuses. "Finding a home workout online that you can follow can really inspire you and help you have the most effective workout at home", says Tyrone.

"The BeTheFittest home workout series on YouTube has different episodes which works on different body parts which suit all levels of fitness and doesn't require any equipment." Free and on-demand? We dig this.

3. Listen to your favourite playlist

Lets face it, exercise without music would be terribly DULL. "Get your favourite playlist pumping in your house!", says Tyrone.

"​The tunes will make you feel good and ready to work out. Also, music is a great motivational and fun tool to help you push harder and enjoy the workout all at the same." Lades - it's time to hit Play.

4. Find a fitness buddy

Having a workout pal comes with many benefits, especially if you get your partner involved. Tyrone says, "Having a friend or partner join in on your workout can help you both push yourselves to the limits and get you through the workout while also making it fun and challenging at the same time.

You can also look after each other by making sure each exercise is performed in good form. Getting your beau or pal to join you will not only help you both stay motivated but it can also help push you to limits you've never thought possible!

5. Get resistance bands

Resistance bands are also another great addition to your workout kit. They're great for resistance training, toning muscles and can also be used for stretching.

Tyrone says, "Using resistance bands are perfect for home use. By pushing against the resistance of the band you can perform numerous muscular exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses, which can be modified to your strength." Grab a set - you'll be surprised how strong you are after just a couple of months!

6. Use fitness apps

Never underestimate the power of a good fitness app. Apps, like HITT Interval timer App are great because they allow you to track time and keep track of how you're doing.

Tyrone says, "This app is perfect to keep you on the ball for home HITT workouts which allows you to time the amount you work to rest, track rounds and also tally the total amount of time the whole workout will take." Perfect for girls on-the-go that can only fit in short morning workouts.

7. Join the Tabata craze

What's not to love about Tabata? It's time saving, convenient and a hell of a workout.

Tyrone says, "Tabata High intensity training is basically low volume high intensity training consisting of 20 seconds of exercise to 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. Scientific research has proven this to be very effective for improving fitness and endurance in females especially when using full body movements like burpees or squat press with dumbells." New to it? Get yourself started with a DVD. When you're more comfortable, you can even start creating your own bespoke tabata routines!

8. Programme your home workout

One of the best things you can do when working out out at home is making sure you have a PLAN. Without a solid plan things can easily be left to fail.

Tyrone says, "Programming and planning your home workout will allow you to workout more efficiently without worrying what to do next or being distracted. Having your plan set out beforehand will allow you to know what exercise to do next including how many reps and sets." There's no time for excuses ladies.

9. Use a stepper

Your stepper will be your new BFF. Use this to get a kick ass bum and toned up legs. Stepping can't be any simpler...

Tyrone says, "You can use a stepper for aerobic and plyometric training which will get your heart rate up, giving you a sweat while also working out those muscles. You can change the height of the stepper to your discretion to match your level of fitness to make sure you're getting the most out of your workout." They're also super easy to store, so you won't have to worry about it taking up too much space! Hurrah.

10. Most importantly, have FUN!

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