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How To Workout Without Setting Foot Outside Your House

by Pascale Day ,
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Want to know the secret to a good workout? It’s simple: you need to be resourceful. You can make a workout from anything as long as you think creatively. And while using complicated gym machinery can be fun (to some at least), all you really need to get in a good workout is, well, yourself. Whether you stick to the basics or feel enough of an exercise aficionado to get yourself some proper home equipment, it's entirely possible to get an effective workout without leaving your home.

  1. · Set Up a Home Gym
  2. · Shifting That Baby Weight
  3. · Sofa Surfing
  4. · Step by Step by Step Workout
  5. · Gossip While You Squat

Set Up a Home Gym

The best thing about having a home gym is that it’s all yours. There’s no sweaty guy gasping on the treadmill next to you, and you get to pick the music - which you can sing along to at the top of your voice. Like peddling along to Britney Spears? You can do that - it’s your home gym and you can spin to Womanizer if you want to! And a home gym can be as big or as little as you like. If, say,running doesn’t get you pumped and you think spinning is more your thing, you can get yourself a nifty exercise bike, put it in your spare room and blast out a half-hour cycle every morning whilst watching GMTV. And if you think home gym equipment has to be expensive, you’d be wrong - you can spend as much or as little as you’d like on something like an home gym that’ll suit your exercise needs down to the ground. You can burn at least 210 calories from a 30 minute stationary cycle, so you’d have squeezed in a daily workout before anyone’s even had their breakfast!

Shifting That Baby Weight

It can be hard getting out the house to the gym once you’ve given birth - a baby can occupy so much of your time that even going for a walk can seem like an ordeal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your new fitness regime within the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can include your baby in your routine. Babies are the perfect weight to add that little extra oomph to your squats, chest press, Russian twists and pelvic tilts. It’ll keep your little one occupied and you’ll never have to worry about where they are, meaning you can get really into your workout without distractions. And what’s better than a little quality mum-and- baby time whilst you’re toning that inner thigh? Nothing I tell you.

Sofa Surfing

The urge to stay in, sit on the sofa and try to beat your last Netflix marathon can be all too tempting sometimes. But sitting on the sofa doesn’t have to have you labelled as a couch potato. Luckily for you - but maybe not so much for the person sat next to you - there are plenty of exercises you can do, right in front of your TV. You can practice tricep dips, leg raises, stomach crunches and seated scissors - that’s all your exercises done in one episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! (Or maybe even two if you’re feeling energised.) Who said that it was lazy to watch television?

Step by Step by Step Workout

It’s easy to take your aerobic routine to new heights by scaling your stairs at home. It’s an easy way to engage your hamstrings, glutes and quads and, if you’ve ever been forced to climb the stairs at work when the lift is out of order, you’ll know it’ll significantly raise your heart rate in no time. And the best thing about using your stairs? You can vary the pace to suit you. Whether you want to run up and run down, run up and walk down, take the steps two at a time or take extra wide steps, this workout can be tailored by you to cater to your fitness needs. And, depending on the intensity, all you’ll need is 15 minutes out of your day. That’s basically 4 songs on your iPhone.Whether all these songs are the Rocky theme tune is up to you…

Gossip While You Squat

Anyone who’s anyone knows that the way to get a toned bum is to drop it like a squat. But sometimes just dropping into a sumo squat can be a bit inconvenient if you’re not at the gym. So when is a good time to get that glute workout in? Well, get your mum on the blower, or your best friend, or an old relative you haven’t spoken to in a while, and let that conversation flow. Little will they know that, all the while, you’re doing box squats, wall squats and sumo squats. So when your bum is beach ready, you’ll have your waffling bestie to thank.​​​​

Do you have any other top tips for exercising at home? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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