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The 10 best YouTube workout videos in the biz

by Maria Bell Published on 22 January 2014
The 10 best YouTube workout videos in the biz© Thinkstock

If you can’t be bothered to hulk yourself down to the gym you don’t have to wave goodbye to your workout for that day. YouTube fitness videos are the way forward in the fitness industry, when you can join all kinds of fitness classes from the comfort of your home, there's no excuse not to get your arse in gear. Best thing about them? They’re all free...

There used to be some stigma about YouTube videos in the past but nowadays we can't see why anyone would ever bother to buy a gym membership ever again. When it's this cold and dark outside, the chances of you actually getting through the gym doors are as slim as those models' bods you've been eyeing up.

So if you want a budget-friendly, time effective way to workout then these YouTube workout videos are the perfect option. Created by some of the best in the business, when else could you workout with Heidi Klum's personal trainer for free? (Did we mention it before, YouTube workout videos don't cost a penny).

Interested yet? Here's the 10 best ass-kicking YouTube workout videos and channels to get that bod' and butt in shape.

1. BeFit: Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout Level 1

There is only one Queen of the modern fitness routine and her name is Jillian Michaels. With best selling fitness DVDs and a celebrity client list longer than any round of burpees could ever feel, this woman means business and now you can be part of it for free. She’ll have you sweating and working your body like never before, and with over 10 million views, the proof is in those pixels.


2. Fitness Blender: 10 Mins Abs Workout – At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

Fitness Blender has to be one of the best resources on YouTube for almost any exercise you’re looking to do. With simple but informative step-by-step instructions from a professional fitness instructor, you’ll feel confident enough to power through these workouts in your own home. Our fave is this 10 minute ab workout. The only downside is there’s no music but that's what that 90s Garage playlist is for.


3. Tone It Up - Booty Lowers ABS & Love Handles Workout

What girl doesn’t want a pert little bootay? Karena and Katrina are on a mission to get that body into total bikini perfection and it helps that their bodies are amazing. Their Booty Lower ABS & Love Handles Workout is a pretty intense workout for those glutes and with the beach in the background, how could you ever forget there will be a day when you have to wear a bikini. Seriously, it may be dark outside now but summer's coming soon...


4. Blogilates - Call Me Maybe Might Squat Challenge

Blogilates is a bit like Marmite, she’s high intensity, high energy and really high pitched but if you want great quality pilates videos then she’s your best bet. This squat challenge is hands down one of the best out there, with her encouragement all the way through you’re bound to ace it every time. Just be prepared to feel the burn, bad.


5. PopSugar Fitness – Victoria’s Secret Model Workout – 10 Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

Subscribing to PopSugar’s fitness channel is a great way to stay in shape but this workout created by Andrea Orbeck, fitness expert and trainer to multiple Victoria’s Secrets Models, has got to be a highlight. Who doesn’t want a body like Miranda Kerr…for free?!? It’s only 10 minutes so it’s easily doable after work and totally worth it, you’ll be surprised at how hard you feel you’ve worked afterwards.


6. Living Strong Woman - Flexibility and Range of Motion | Beginner Yoga With Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is one of our favourite yoga teachers around so having a selection of her best beginner videos for free online is a dream come true. If you're starting out with yoga, Tara is one of the best teachers around so bookmarking these Living Strong Woman videos is a must. Just be aware that she does move a little quick so maybe watch it through before you first try it.


7. TiffanyRothesWorkouts – 10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout – Lose inches off your waist

If you want a workout that’s a little more fun than purely planking on a mat then this is the channel and video for you. Tiffany Rothe’s workouts focus on cardio, aerobics and dance with a booty-shaking soundtrack. You'll work up a serious sweat while shaking that booty for 15 minutes - keep it up and the results are pretty amazing.


8. Rebekah Borucki – Tabata Workout: You Have 4 Minutes #1

Mother of four, fitness and yoga instructor and all-round health nut, Bex’s video channel gives you everything you could ever need for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Along with nutrition tips and meditation guidelines, her exercise videos are short, intense and really do work if you stick to them. This 4 minute Tabata workout is one of her best!


9. Daily Hiit Challenge - Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge | Day 1

High Intensity Training is where it's at. So the more free sessions we can seek out online, the better. On The Daily Hiit Challenge channel they post daily high intensity training workouts, usually of around 15 minutes, so you get your daily dose of kick-ass training every, darn, day. Could it get any better?


10. Sarah Fit - Arm Exercises for Women

Sarah's been uploading exercise videos since 2006, so she knows what she's talking about. With easy to follow fitness tips for women concentrating on every area you can imagine, you're getting a whole lotta knowledge in a short amount of time. Her arm exercises for women video gives 5 different exercises for you to expand on on your own. So if you hate having to wait around and watch a full class, these bite-size videos should do the trick instead.

And just in case you need a bit more motivation, have a little look at this:


What do you think? Will you be trading in that gym pass for these YouTube channels and videos instead? Tweet us at @sofeminineUK.

Maria Bell
Maria Bell - Published on 22 January 2014
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