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Pregnant Woman Blasts Anti Abortion Protesters

by Tolani Shoneye ,
Pregnant Woman Blasts Anti Abortion Protesters© Sofeminine

This pregnant passerby gives anti-abortion protesters the best smack-down ever.

Anti abortion protestors filming outside a clinic get a good telling off by a pregnant woman, and we couldn't agree more with what she says.

Watch the powerful video here.


This is such a powerful video, and this woman makes the point that making women feel guilty for a personal choice is wrong.

Thank you lady. Love from women.

And while we are on the topic of anti-abortion protesters, how dare these people stand outside of clinics and judge a woman for a decision that is personal and most likely a very hard one to make. Women have the right to choose abortion without being harassed. Oppose to abortion all you want, but the so called protest outside clinics is bullying and frankly disgusting. They are plenty of places to protest against abortion, for those who feel the need to, but these women visiting clinics should be left to do so privately and without judgement.

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Tolani Shoneye
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