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18 Commonly Used Made Up Words We Can’t STAND

by Emmy Griffiths ,
18 Commonly Used Made Up Words We Can’t STAND© via weheartit

Because using full words just isn't cool anymore...

1. Bae

If you have a loved one who is particularly important to you, they are you bae. Fingers crossed your ‘bae’ does not then go and claw out their own eyeballs because you called them ‘bae’.

2. Ratchet

Crazy, usually unpleasant diva who does not give one singular sh*t about anything. We want to go ratchet over how much we HATE the word ratchet.

3. Cray

“That’s so cray!” or “cray cray!” makes us crazy. With a ‘Z’.

4. Fleek

Who invited this? When did anyone ever call another person’s eyebrows fleek until about two months ago? Why is this a thing? WHY.

5. Jel

We all had a nice time when TOWIE introduced ‘well jel’ into our life, but that time is well and truly over. So WHY are we still saying we’re jel about everything? Make it STOP.

6. Lol

Instead of laughing, why have people taken to saying ‘Lol’ with a straight face? Wasn’t what I said funny? Or are you just so trapped in your screen that you can’t talk like a normal person away from it?!

7. Totes

Can you imagine saying ‘totes’ in an interview? No? Then WHY are you saying it halfway through every sentence? Come on!

8. Defs

We get that everyone is in a rush all of the time, but how long would it take you just to say ‘definitely’? You wouldn’t even have to draw another breath!

9. Fomo

Fomo is just society’s way of saying: “look, I’m really disappointed that I’m not going to be there and you’ll all be having a good time without me so please just reschedule for a time I can make, please.” Those who say ‘I’ve got fomo!’ aren’t fooling anyone!

10. Probs

Why can’t people say full words anymore?

11. Whatevs

Case in point. Gah.

12. Meh

Can’t you articulate what’s making you feel so, as you say, ‘meh’?! Help us to help you!

13. Mah b

Another word for ‘I apologise.’ Except flippant and not really apologising. Whatevs.

14. Crunk

Going to get crazy and drunk? You must be getting crunked! You’re so COOL!

15. Obvs

It obvs that ‘obvs’ is never quite going to die. But ugh.

16. Shade

Throwing shade is to give someone a clear hint that you do not like them. But seriously, who even says this with a straight face? We just couldn’t imagine saying: “She was giving me such shade.”

17. I can’t even

…Comprehend how amazing this film is going to be? Imagine how you must be feeling right now? Finish a sentence?

18. Fetch

Ha, just kidding. Fetch never happened.

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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