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Heather Graham spellbound Barack

by the editorial team Published on 29 November 2009
Heather Graham spellbound Barack

Heather Graham claims she and her coven of witches helped get President Barack Obama elected to the White House.

Heather Graham has become a witch - and is casting spells on Barack Obama.
The 'Hangover' actress has started a coven with her friends and they sent the US President positive energies so he would get elected to the White House.
She said: "It's just for fun. We never jinx someone with evil spells. We meet in order to release positive energy. When one of us wishes to meet a great guy, we try to have an influence on that.
"We sent Barack Obama positive energies, so that he would become the next president. I always liked magic. Now when I see Obama's picture in the paper, I feel good."
As well as witchcraft, 39-year-old Heather also believes in reincarnation and doesn't think it is an outlandish idea to think people's spirits live on.
She said during an interview with German TV channel TV5: "I believe in reincarnation. Certainly! It would be at least a possibility that our soul remains further."

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