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16 Things Girls Have To Deal With That Guys Don't

by Vivian KELLY ,
16 Things Girls Have To Deal With That Guys Don't© Google Images

Men groping our butts, painful monthly periods and plucking out body hair from all over? Being a woman is anything but easy. In fact, we should all get medals for how much work goes into it. But men hardly understand (if they did our salaries would show for it, right?) Well, TO HELL with with what they think, here's 16 reasons why being female is seriously the biggest achievement ever...

There's a whole load of stuff that goes into being a girl. You know, the kind of things that men never have to think twice about. From the downright painful to out and out embarrassing, here's just some of the sh*t women have to put up with that guys aren't even aware of. Men - have some extra respect.

1. Having our faces threaded...

By using a twisted cotton thread and plucking out every tiny weeny hair. It sounds insane, but it works wonders on our peach fuzz.

2. Pube maintenance

Men get away with their hairy balls, but girls? Oh no - we need porn star vaginas apparently. Even the tiniest stubble is not allowed these days. And shamefully, we feel like we have to live up to it. No one likes a fuzzy butt.

3. Disastrous fake tanning

Smelly, messy, icky fake tan? Our baths are brown-stained and our bed sheets? Forever ruined. And when we're finally finished there's still a risk of embarrassing yourself with streaky tan lines. Ugh. Who invented this stuff?

4. Sparkling gnashers

We'll either cash out on professional whitening or slump around the house with a strip of chemical-laden goop stuck to our teeth until they're blindingly white and so sensitive that even a soft breeze hurts like hell.

5. Perfect talons

Keeping our teeth, hair, and tan in check is more than enough to deal with, but the female workload doesn't stop there! How girls manage to fit in a file, buff and nail polish these days we don't know...

6. Giving birth

Having the gift to procreate is pretty amazing, but it doesn't come without 20 hours of labour first. These guys who are trying to get a feel for it came nowhere close.

7. Hairy nipples

Nipple hair is perfectly natural for women. Take a girl's body hair and multiply it by five. That's how hairy she really is. It's a fact of life. Deal.

8. Being stalked

We don't care what anybody says... when we're walking alone at night we're looking out for creepy rapist vans and shadowy figures following us. It's a big scary world out there for a woman.

9. Picture-perfect photoshopping

Digital retouching is getting outta of control. ​Women are constantly under societal pressures to be beautiful, skinny and generally 'put together'. But why can't it be like the olden days when women embraced their natural figures and men loved women them the way God intended them to be? Natural isn't enough these days.

10. Monthly breakouts

The world turns on us every month when we wake up with pre-menstrual ACNE. It's the the last thing a girl needs when she's on, but does that stop nature running its course? Nah.

11. Being called a b*tch...

...for the most unnecessary reasons. If a man shows authority it's OK (it's almost expected) but if a women does she's automatically a ruthless cow. Just because we're bossy and know how to lay down the rules doesn't make us a b*tch. Double standards much?

12. Being groped

The amount of times we've been groped by pervy men on the bus, trains and tube - it's pretty disturbing. Women constantly have to have their guard up. Which is frankly a load of crap.

13. Looking the part

It sucks to have to look a certain way, but that doesn't mean we don't try to conform to it. Make-up, blow-dries, must-have fashion trends... No wonder our pay packet lasts all of five minutes.

14. Getting paid less

This is what we call the gender pay gap BULL SH*T. According to recent reports women get paid an average of £5000 LESS than men do. So basically we bust our arses just as hard yet we're still being undervalued.

15. Hormonal cascades

(And we ain't talking acne this time.) Spiralling hormones do us no good. We're constantly at war with ourselves - jumping from one emotion to the next. And to make matters worse, guys never give us the time of day. How rude.

16. TOM (time of the month)

The thing is we never know when to expect it, it just creeps up on us at the worst moments. On holiday, at work, during a girl's night out - periods are a job in itself. And don't even get us started on the cramps.

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