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Chic Cheats: 17 Fashion Fixes Every Girl Should Know

by Lareese Craig ,
Chic Cheats: 17 Fashion Fixes Every Girl Should Know© Pinterest http://chatterblossom.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/friday-photo-swoon-suit-up-ladies.html

Gok's done a pretty good job of helping us out with our body hang ups and daily fashion glitches but how do you magic yourself stylish without your very own fairy godmother? That's where we come in. From quick fix tips to how to fake yourself a cleavage and letting go of your past-it purchases, here's how to cheat your way stylish. No wand necessary.

Want to look instantly stylish 100 percent of the time? Here's how it's done.

1. Always go back to black

Once you're over the whole goth, morbid, funeral thing you'll learn to love the slimming powers of a black ensemble. Bible. Dressing noir isn't something to be afraid of. Play with textures, show off your arms and polish off with a colour pop pout.The result? Svelte-ifying.

2. Play with proportions

Here's one for the note book: learn to love and dress for your proportions. Simples. Whether you're square, oblong, apple or pear, knowing your body shape will seriously help you when it comes to shopping the right items. Less time spent in the changing rooms, that's gotta be a good thing!

Elongate your frame with a mid-calf length duster coat, experiment with some ankle grazers and strappy sandals and balance wide hips with cap sleeves. Knowing your silhouette and trying out what works from what doesn't is a sure-fire way to cheat yourself fashionable.

3. Know your best bits

Stop with the constant comparisons to your ever leggy BFF and start paying yourself a much needed compliment. Knowledge is power so recognise your best feature and play it to your advantage. Got a waist to give J-Law a run for her Dior? Emphasise it. Got slender shoulders like a top model? Flash them with a sleek cami dress. It's not showing off, it's called working your best bits.

4. Get a signature style and then change things up

Starting safe can be a good way to get into your style strut. Work with what you know and build up your shopping prowess from there. Hell do you think the celebs have a clue what they're doing before they pay someone to help them? Hello, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie and Kylie... need we go on. Once you start to recycle the same old staples day in day out that's when you need to push the boundaries. On to the next level you style maven you.

5. A manicure is style common sense

Always set aside some emergency manicure time. Always. If all else fails and your impulse buys let you down, your immaculate digits will make for a beautiful distraction.

6. A structured handbag can make an outfit

Don't leave everything up to that statement necklace of yours. Whilst a bit of neck bling can work wonders for transforming tired tees and low key work wear there's plenty of other accessories that you can cheat your way stylish with. Keep the rest of your outfit chic with minimal fuss and opt for a boxy structured handbag for an instant fashion fix it. Again watch your proportions and play with different styles to determine what works best for you and your wardrobe.

7. Dress with complementary colours for instant chic

What is it they teach you in school? Blue and green should never be seen. Noted! Team complementary hues together for a look that's well put together, sophisticated and sassy. Mix soft pinks with fabulous fuchsias and regal purples with tomato shades but keep your footwork a neutral affair. And if you're feeling brave go all out hummingbird with blue and orange for a bold take on colour blocking.

8. Always wear one tailored piece of clothing

If you're after a one stop cheat then this is the style tip for you. All you need to do is think, smart, fitted and well cut. A blazer will make for the perfect power outfit but if that's a little too far into female boss territory than you like to venture, try a navy trouser and an open collared white shirt. Professional, practical and oh so chic.

9. The right fit makes you look instantly more stylish

Time and time again we try and hide our lady lumps with billowing clothes two sizes too big. Or, we refuse to go up a size and opt for the sausage casing, button-popping items that end up collecting dust in our closets.

Dressing to fit is defo a motto to get on board with as it will save you the hassle of returning the item later. Sure, the Olsen twins can pull off the swamped and slouchy look but if you don't have a stylist to make it work for you then you're better off going for something that works with your proportions.

Don't hide in the folds of your baggy buys or squeeze yourself into a skirt just so you can enjoy the way size 10 feels. Go for an outfit that fits, flatters your curves and is kind to your body hang ups.

10. Pick one statement piece

Animal print, red lippy, a colour pop tee. On their own they can do very powerful things but don't go getting too creative. You don't wanna look like a five year old that's climbed into their mum's dressing up drawer. Again. Been there, done that and got the cringe worthy photos. Instead, stick to one statement and wear it with confidence. If you feel paranoid, petty or just plain stupid go back to the drawing board, or in this case the wardrobe, and pick out something that you can pull off with a smile.

11. Snap clip earrings

Don't fret. We're not having a funny five minutes. Snap clip earrings might be totally 80s but there's no better way to make your old items feel brand new. Clip them onto a collared shirt or slide them onto your fave kitten heels for an instant fashion fix. What else is granny's jewellery box for!

12. Love thy red lippy

If confidence is what you're lacking in the wardrobe department then say hello to your little friend - lipstick. Red lippy makes every outfit better. It makes your teeth look whiter, your lips look fuller and it lifts your mood. Tried. Tested. Seriously, you've gotta do this. As Elizabeth Taylor once said: "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

13. Invest in some nude shoes

It's no myth that nude shoes work miracles for elongating your legs so don't hold back. Go for a sturdy heel or a blockette sandal to blend in with your skin tone for extra height.

14. Recycle last season's coat

Before you think about forking out another lump sum for a new coat why not make the most of last year's? Get a tailor to reline it with a kitsch fabric of your fave shade of satin. Voilà as good as new.

15. Cut down your closet

Forget separation anxiety, if your shopping habit is getting the better of you, you'll need to make some room for your new goods. Ask yourself, 'If I was shopping right now, would I buy that?'. If the answer is no then show it the black bin liner ASAP. It's brutal but it's the quickest way to get out of the past and into the fashionable present.

16. Denim dilemmas

Shopping for jeans is up there with one of the hardest things. In life. Ever. They're too short, the fit's not right, they give me a muffin top. The list is endless. One rule of thumb when it comes to buying your skinnies, your flares or your ripped denim is always go for the smaller size. Jeans will give a little with wear so avoid baggy butts and pulling them up every three seconds by downsizing.

17. Read fashion mags

We've all got that one friend who was just born with the knack for all things fashionable but some of us need a helping hand. You don't need to subscribe to Vogue to swot up on the latest trends but getting inspiration from somewhere is a good starting point. Buy a fashion mag, browse Pinterest or stalk your go-to celeb for some bright eyed fashion ideas and start experimenting with looks next time you go shopping.

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Lareese Craig
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