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This Nurse Who Discovered She Has Two Vaginas Has A Positive Message For Ya'll

by Pascale Day ,
This Nurse Who Discovered She Has Two Vaginas Has A Positive Message For Ya'll© We Heart It

Having just one vagina can be problem enough sometimes. One period is enough to deal with, thank you very much. So spare a thought for Nicci Triefenbach, who in her twenties discovered that she has two vaginas.

When Nicci Triefenbach experienced painful cramps that left her bed-ridden when she was in her twenties, she never could have guessed what was actually happening to her body. By the time she visited a gynaecologist in her twenties, she had the shock of her life: her excruciating cramps were actually a result of having two vaginas. This means that Nicci has double everything: two cervix, two vaginal canals and two uteri.

The condition is known officially as 'uterus didelphus' and means that from endometriosis to anaemia, Nicci is in near constant physical pain. Understandably, the condition led to complications in her personal life, too. Nicci told The Metro: "The hardest thing about the whole process is not feeling like a woman... Trying to explain it to partners before sex was embarrassing and I felt like some men only wanted to be with me because I was a novelty – they saw having sex with me as a challenge."

Nicci now has a partner who taught her to love her body, but with that arose new challenges: when she and her partner decided to try for children, she had three miscarriages and found that she was unable to carry a child to full term.

The emotional and physical pain of her condition eventually led Nicci to have a hysterectomy, a process which removed both cervix and uteri. The operation meant that, while removing the two elements that had been causing her pain, left her with one vaginal opening, which means she can still have sex.

"I basically have my life back," Nicci said. And while she can no longer try for children, she has plans for the future. "I want to adopt one day - hopefully soon. I was adopted myself and I'd love to give a home to a child who really needs it."

And while her condition caused her significant setbacks, Nicci says she's learnt to love her body over time. "For years I was ashamed but now I love my body for what it is capable of – rather than hating it for what it’s not. I want to get rid of the stigma surrounding conditions like this and I want other women to love themselves and love their bodies."

I think we may have found our new hero in life. ​

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