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Desperate Measures Brides Have Gone To For The Perfect Wedding

by Emma Goddard ,
Desperate Measures Brides Have Gone To For The Perfect Wedding© @monkeybusinessimages/iStock

From the cake flavours to the seating chart, wedding planning is pretty dang stressful. You just want to ensure that your ceremony and reception live up to what you've always dreamed of, but the pressure of it all can be overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact, that it can make you do some pretty wild things. Overspent because you wanted that ice statue of you and your beau? Obsessed over what flatware you should use? These are only a few of the crazy things brides have done for the perfect day.

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There's nothing wrong with that! You can't blame a girl for wanting everything and more, because this is her day. We dream about the Grace Kelly gown and the Princess Diana venue for years, so it's only natural to get a little frantic, be a little crazy and even have some hiccups during the wedding planning process, right?

The Things We Do for Designer Shoes

"Planning with my mum was a blast and we never had to tell my dad how much we were spending which made things more fun! A funny memory we laugh about now was when I tricked my mum into buying me Louboutins. She isn't materialistic and wouldn't know the first thing about name brands, so I told her Harrods would have the perfect shoes because there's a big selection. Little did she know I just wanted the red bottoms! We walked in and I went straight to the shoes, picked them up and said, 'Alright these are perfect.' She saw the red bottoms and said, 'Bailey Richelle you knew exactly what you were doing.'" - Bailey Riley Metrejean

Spanx for Nothing

"I spent a fortune on Spanx Body Shapers in various shapes and sizes all of which bunched up around my waist within minutes and none of which got worn on the big day." - Mary Alice Williams.

Bridal Party From Across the Pond

"Most of my best friends in the world are from the US, but I still wanted them to be in my bridal party. So I had seven of my nine bridesmaids flying 3,000 miles to be in my wedding. Coordinating wedding things with a mostly international bridal party was madness but we made it all work. Having my best friends there meant the absolute world to me. It meant we couldn't do the standard bridal party things like going dress shopping together. Instead, we were trendy and bought all different dresses that were the same colour. I wouldn't trade that crazy bridesmaid experience for anything, because they are the most amazing women on the earth. Not even some of their flights being delayed until the morning of the wedding!" - Holly Byers

The Proposal... for the Wedding Budget

"So in preparation for my wedding, specifically relating to the budget, I put together a very detailed PowerPoint presentation of the budget I needed/wanted for my wedding. It was complete with baby pictures, stats, quotes of sentiment, charts of budget allocation and graphs. I took my parents out to dinner (wine and dine business proposition style) and did the presentation at the restaurant. The extensive budget presentation ended up being a success and so was the wedding! It was pretty silly/crazy but definitely worth it!" - Avery Beaty

The Spray Tan to Rule Them All

"I was working crazy hours in the summer before my wedding and didn't have the chance to do things like get a hair trial, get my nails done, or get a spray tan before the actual big day. So the (rainy) Thursday before, my bridesmaid and I decided we weren't tan enough for the wedding and went to a local spray tan place. Having never gotten a spray tan before I had no idea what to expect. When I went in the back "room" (closet) the girl took out a manual and started to read the directions. She then told me this was her first month doing this. After the spray tan we ran to the car as quickly as possible because spray tans don't do well in the rain. Luckily, and shockingly, everything turned out great!" - Gabby Goddard

Spending a Pretty Penny for Weight Loss

"I think most brides will go to many lengths to make their wedding day perfect. I have spent about £1,950 on personal training over the past year. But I had gained a lot of weight pursuing my professional degree and I didn't want to be too overweight on my big day." - Natalie Cavalieri

Bottoms Up!

"I really tried not to drink too much on my wedding day, because I wanted to remember every part of it. I decided I would only have a glass or two of champagne with my bridesmaids and then some more with the toast. I figured it would all be OK because we had SO much food coming, but with all the mingling I had to do I probably only had a couple bites the whole night! So, as you can imagine, since I hadn't eaten much the whole day I was a little more than tipsy. My wedding wasn't perfect; my grandma had one margarita and was throwing up outside during our toast, my friends got a little too cozy with their exes at the wedding, and my other grandma was trying to get me to take the new blender she got me in my getaway car at the end of the night. Everyone was a crazy drunken mess on the dance floor, but it was an amazing night that I will cherish forever." - Laura Taylor

Don't Buy Antique

"At the time, my husband was in a temporary apartment. We paid for the wedding ourselves by selling my husband's motorcycle for £3,450 and bought my wedding ring and engagement ring from an antique diamond dealer that my sister and brother-in-law knew. He was about 89 and he had the rings to sell on his fingers! We made the deal at the kitchen table. Of course the gold holding the diamond was so thin that in a year or two I lost and replaced the diamond." - Sharon Wendler

Bedazzled From Head to Toe

"I wanted the perfect wedding dress so I designed it myself and had it made! And then I decided that there wasn't enough bling on it so I spent the next two months gluing crystals and pearls to it (probably 300+ in all). By the time I was finished I had bedazzled my veil, my dress and my shoes, but was so concerned with it still being beautiful and classy that about 20 hours of work gave maybe the slightest shimmer to everything." - Lindsay McMorran

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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