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10 Lifestyle Hacks On How To Strengthen Your Immune System

by Vivian KELLY ,
10 Lifestyle Hacks On How To Strengthen Your Immune System© We Heart It

Feeling stuffed up and sniffly? Sounds like your immune system needs a boost. Help keep your health in tip-top condition by trying these simple and easy lifestyle hacks that will help strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling good all season long.

  1. · Practice good hygiene
  2. · Take a hot, steamy shower
  3. · Use a preventative product
  4. · Eat a healthy, plant based diet
  5. · Take a probiotic
  6. · Call your masseuse
  7. · Drink green tea
  8. · Get to bed early - your immune cells will thank you!
  9. · Get some exercise
  10. · Relax all day

1. Practice good hygiene

Believe it or not, you could easily prevent a whole host of viruses just by practicing good hygiene. Physician and Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine, Peter Howarth says, "Hygiene is very important as bugs are commonly spread through direct contact with surfaces that are contaminated with the virus."

It may seem obvious to wash your hands but even things like using a tissue and avoiding to touch your face can really make all the difference.

2. Take a hot, steamy shower

Taking some down time and having a hot steamy shower can do wonders for your mind and body. Use an invigorating body wash such as Trilogy Botanical Body Wash to open up your airways and help you feel revived. (We LOVE this tip.)

3. Use a preventative product

Public transport is a complete breeding ground for colds and flu but using a preventative product CAN help avoid this. Peter says, "For added protection opt for a preventative barrier gel such as NasalGuard Cold & Flu Block. The gel is applied to the nose to block airborne cold and flu viruses entering the nasal passages and help reduce the likelihood of becoming unwell."

The gel is drug free and non drowsy so can also be used by children, pregnant women and those taking other medications. If we only knew sooner!

4. Eat a healthy, plant based diet

Never underestimate the influence food has on your health.

A. Vogel’s nutritional therapist, Alison Cullen says, "Eating a healthy plant based diet contains plenty of immune protecting chemicals. One serving of vegetables can contain over a hundred different phytochemicals which will help boost your immune system and power you for each day."

​Enjoy foods such as broccoli, cabbage, soy, carrots, turmeric, onions and red fruits, like blackcurrants and strawberries. Remember what they say, 'food is thy medicine!'

5. Take a probiotic

Did you know that over 70% of your immune cells are located in the gut and are supported by healthy gut bacteria? This can only mean one thing ladies - keep your gut happy!

Nutritional therapist at Bio-Kult, Natalie Lamb says, "Overindulgence of sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol during the festive season could have imbalanced our gut flora. Keep your gut balanced by consuming a multi-strain probiotic supplement such as Bio-Kult which will help keep the good guys balanced and support a healthy immune response to winter colds and flu." So long winter colds!

6. Call your masseuse

It doesn't always have to be a special occasion! Not only does a good massage help alleviate stress but it's also great for boosting circulation and increasing naturally occurring antibodies leaving you well equipped to fight off bacteria and viruses. There's usually a steam room or sauna to hand as well, which is perfect for sweating out those nasty toxins. Girl, pick up the phone and book.

7. Drink green tea

From helping you lose weight, keeping your heart happy and helping you prevent disease the benefits of green tea are well, pretty fricken amazing. So you're probably not surprised to hear that it's also great for keeping sniffles at bay too. Drinking green tea on the regular will not only help keep you hydrated and flush out toxins but the polyphenols and flavonoids will help boost your immunity, making you stronger to fight off any infections. Get sipping!

8. Get to bed early - your immune cells will thank you!

Getting enough sleep every night is an absolute MUST. Our bodies need sleep to help us recharge our immune system and keep fit for the day ahead. To keep your body and mind in tip-top condition Alison recommends getting at least 7 hours sleep every night.

9. Get some exercise

If you didn't already know, exercise is so good for you! It makes you stronger, healthier and happier. What more could you want?

"Gentle exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling for half an hour daily can be very helpful both physically and mentally. But beware - excessive exercise such as those undertaken during extreme training sessions for competitive sporting activities can actually the opposite by reducing your immune response," says Alison. To avoid this, make sure you don't over do it and are getting plenty of time for recovery.

10. Relax all day

There's no doubt that relaxation is great for our health. Stress can wreak havoc our immune system by raising blood pressure and even increasing the likelihood of depression! So it's SO important to take time out of your busy day to just chill out.

​Whether it's reading a book for twenty minutes, fitting in a small meditation sesh, having a cat nap or even going for a short stroll you need to make sure you're giving your body what it needs it order for it to function properly.

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