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26 Life Hacks To Instantly Make You Happy

by Vivian KELLY ,
26 Life Hacks To Instantly Make You Happy© iStock

Wanna know how to be a happier person with little-to-no effort? Just a few small changes and happiness CAN well and truly be yours. From waking up earlier to giving up dieting and hanging out more with mates, here are 26 simple life hacks to instantly make you happy...

1. Wake up 30 minutes early

Getting up for work is nothing but easy but trust us, if you set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier than you usually do, it can make all the difference to your morning. Have a cuppa, catch up on your fave show, listen to the radio, spend time getting ready! Not only will you feel great by the time you leave for work, but you won't be running late either.

2. Have a cuppa

Spend time in the morning have a cup of coffee or tea. Whether you need a caffeine boost or something detoxing, having a cuppa first thing in the morning will give you time to warm up, clear your head and enjoy the moment before you take on the day.

3. Never skimp breakfast

Who can function on an empty stomach? Not us. Breakfast helps fuel you for the day ahead giving you the energy and the focus you need to get you through the day. If you're not a breakfast person, go for a smoothie or a small pot of coconut yoghurt - we'll take the full English.

4. Quit dieting

Dieting just lets you down. If you want to lose weight or be healthier there is one simple solution though - eat natural whole foods, it's really that easy! Eat healthier, feel happier. And if you want that odd cheeky slice of cake, go for it, in moderation it doesn't hurt, but starving yourself hunger of all things delicious is guaranteed to make you unhappy.

5. Speak up

A lot of the times we regret things we didn't say or do. Today make it your mission to speak up and make your voice heard. Your confidence will soar.

6. Tell someone you love them

We don't appreciate how much love we really have until we remember those who mean the most to us. Tell someone you love, how much you love them. Love makes you happier!

7. Be generous (but don’t go to crazy)

If your mate's having a bad day or you're out with an old friend offer to get the bill or get them something to cheer them up. Buy a cup of tea for someone in need. It's little things like this that make the biggest impressions. Make someone's day.

8. Cook something new

Cooking something totally new not only gives you more skills in the kitchen but it also gives you a happy boost. Who isn't happy when they've cooked something utterly amazing? Even chefs get a high off it.

9. Organise something

Tidiness helps to clear your head and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. A tidy home is a tidy mind.

10. Cut out negative people

Being around negative people is a big no no. Don't let someone drag you down with them. If someone if making you unhappy get rid of them. Ain't nobody got time for that.

11. Call your mum

Every once and a while life takes over and we forget to let our parents know how much we care for them. No matter where you are in life or how old you are mum will be worried. Give her a call to see how she is - she'll love you more for it and you will too.

12. Dream BIG

Have big goals and dreams for yourself and never let anyone tell you it's impossible. Nothing is.

13. Stop making excuses

Quit making excuses! Just F it and do it. There's never a right time or a place for something but once you get started, you'll feel so much better about yourself. Yes, sometimes we try and fail but don't give up, keep trying and if you fail again, try again. Don't let fear run your life.

14. Spend some time alone

Spend some time getting to know yourself, do something you love like watching a film, writing in a diary or reading a book. Having solitude will help you love yourself more than you've ever thought possible - there's no need to be around people 24/7. Enjoy your own company and people will too.

15. Hang out with friends

But don't forget to spend time with people that make you laugh. It's important to give yourself that time to wind down and relax. So whether it's going out for a glass of wine or catch up over dinner, there's nothing wrong with connecting with the people you love to be around. Make it as much of a priority as work is. Your health and happiness mean the most.

16. Smile

Smiling is infectious so make it a habit to smile more. Not only does smiling make you appear more attractive and confident but when you really mean it your brain releases feel-good chemicals dopamine which is otherwise known as your happy chemical. Go for it.

17. Get outdoors

Make sure to take a break from your busy day and connect with nature again. If there's a park near by, grab a coffee and sit in the park for 15 minutes or go for a ten minute stroll and explore something new - you never know what you'll find. Going outdoors and getting some fresh air will also boos your vitamin D which is known to cause depression if you're low in it.

18. Treat yourself

We ALL deserve something nice once and a while. Let yourself know you're absolutely worth it.

19. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while and you're not always going to achieve as much as you wanted or wish you could BUT that doesn't mean you're anything less worthy! Stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself the credit that you deserve. As long as you know you tried your best, that's all that matters.

20. Buy some fresh flowers

There's something oh-so-stunning about a fresh bouquet of blooms. Flowers are proven to reduce stress, anxiety and instantly make you happy. Ever wondered why you loved flowers so much?

21. Have a bath (or a really long shower)

Have a hot bath or a super long shower. Light some candles, slather in some luxurious bath oil and just relax and tune out from the world. It's by far one of the best feelings.

22. Do something you enjoy

Anything you want - it's your turn to steer. Being selfish in this instance doesn't lead to regret, it leads to happiness. Do what you love!

23. Turn off your mobile phone

As much as technology is our life sometimes it can get in the way, especially in relationships. Turn off your phone for a few hours and just spend time connecting with the people you love - in the flesh. It makes all the difference.

24. Watch a nostalgic film

Watch your fave film from when you were little. There's nothing better than being a big kid again. Ahhh those were the good old days.

25. Go to bed an hour early

Most of us don't get enough sleep and believe it or not it has much more impact on our health and happiness than you could imagine. Sleep controls everything in our body - it influences our hormones, weight, diet, health and our happiness. Ladies, get yourself to bed.

26. Choose happiness

Happiness is a choice - choose it.

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