Universal Contour Wrap Elite review

Universal Contour Wrap Elite review
Universal Contour Wrap Elite sounds almost too good to be true; promising to shrink your body by 5 or 6 inches, detox your skin and leave you feeling toned and tightened in only two hours. With results guarenteed to last for four weeks or more, this is a treatment that celebrities swear by.

Universal Contour Wrap Elite review

Universal Contour Wrap Elite review With benefits including inch-loss, skin firming and improving the appearance of the dreaded cellulite, I had to give it a go pre-holiday to see if this miracle treatment really works.
I experienced the Universal Contour Wrap Elite at The Beauty Room in Holborn Circus, but the treatment is available nationwide at selected spas.

My Universal Contour Wrap Elite treatment:

Universal Contour wrap revi The process is fairly simple and unlike many beauty treatments this one instantly feels more about results than relaxation.
First you're asked to strip down and pop on a pair of disposable panties, so this treatment is certainly not for the shy and retiring.
My therapist Lauza put me at ease straight away and explained that they would need to take 18 different measurements so I could have an accurate idea of my inch-loss by the end of the session.
Because the Universal Body Contour Wrap Elite is so focused on providing tangible results, weighing each customer is also part of the process. This is because the inch-loss is guaranteed to last for 4 weeks, and if you find that it hasn't then you're allowed a complementary treatment (providing you haven't put on a few pounds in the interim - hence the scales.)
After being weighed, measured and briefed by Lauza on what the treatment would involve, it was time to get wrapped up.
Whilst standing, my therapist rubbed the mineral clay over my body to ensure I was able to soak up as much of the mineral properties as possible.
The clay itself is from the Dead Sea and is very rich in vitamins and minerals that help moisturise dry skin, balance oily skin and even soothe conditions such as psorasis.
The next step was to get wrapped up and Lauza set to work wrapping me up in the hot clay-soaked clothes that had been warmed up in a deep heated tray. The experience of being wrapped from ankle to neck was very surreal and not at all uncomfortable.
Whilst 'wrapping' my dedicated therapist attached four electrical strips to my legs and stomach which would come in handy for the electrical toning programme later on...
Lauza built up the layers of cloth more tightly in 'problem areas' (the legs, bum and tum as always) - she even shaped me a bootylicious behind by lifting my butt cheeks with extra layers to give my derriere a bit of a boost. "How kind of her," I thought, until she started to wrap my chest rather tightly - if there's anywhere a girl doesn't want inch-loss it's her boobs!
Universal Contour wrap Once wrapped up in swaddling cloths like baby Jesus I took three stiff footsteps in my clay soaked rags to the treatment bed, on which there was a silver heated cover that I had to lie down on and bake for 35 minutes.
Before tucking me into my heated duvet, Lauza attached electrical wires to the conducting points on the electrical straps that were wrapped around my stomach and legs.
Once 'plugged in' my therapist selected the anti-cellulite programme to blast my muscles with a steady flow of electricity, causing them to contract obediently under my wrap.
The current felt quite sharp to begin with but soon became so routine that I drifted into a deep sleep, snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug and ready to shrink by doing nothing other than lying down. Bliss.
Once my time was up my wrap was removed, my skin was cleansed and it was time for the grand finale - the measuring process began again. It turns out that I lost 5.6inches in total - with the most coming off my inner thighs and waist.
My skin felt smooth, tight and firm and I felt much more body confident even with just a just a little shrinkage here and there.
The whole treatment was just under 2 hours and by the end of it I felt very relaxed.
One of the best things about the Universal Body Contour Wrap is that it is a great way to kick-start a detox regime. As the clay draws out toxins and impurities it's pointless to start bingeing straight afterwards.
Drinking lots of water and avoiding the usual suspects (fags, booze and caffeine) will make the results last longer, and if you're really looking for maximum benefits you're advised not to shower for four days after the treatment... yes four days.
Whilst I couldn't live without my post treatment shower, for more dedicated detox-ers a no-wash policy will mean skin receives maximum nutrition from the clay residue on your skin.
Universal Contour Wrap Elite review Sofeminine verdict:
This was a good value treatment which delivers tangible results - skin looks and feels firmer and it is a reliable treatment to have pre-holiday or when you need to fit into a body-con dress. Whilst results aren't spectacular, overall it is a relaxing 2-hour treatment that really nourishes your skin and draws out any nasties.

Universal Contour Wrap Elite
RRP: £90.00
Available nationwide

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17 Apr 2011
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