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The Detoxing Hero: 6 Incredible Health Benefits of Lemons

by Emma Goddard ,
The Detoxing Hero: 6 Incredible Health Benefits of Lemons© iStock

Trying to eat a lemon is like tasting sour Haribos for the first time: sour and unpleasant. Unlike sour Haribos however, the taste doesn't get better as you continue eating this bitter fruit. In fact, a lemon is probably one of the few fruits most people won't eat as is. Yet despite this ordeal, they're not all that bad. Thankfully, there are actually some wonderful health benefits of lemons that make up for their less-than-appealing taste.

  1. · They Could Lower Your Risk for Stroke
  2. · Assist with Preventing Asthma Attacks
  3. · Lemons Have the Potential to Stop Kidney Stones
  4. · They Soothe the Throat
  5. · Weight Loss Is Possible
  6. · They Can Positively Affect Your Immune System

They Could Lower Your Risk for Stroke

Although it's important to keep in mind that they're not a cure, according to recent studies, there's reason to believe that the folate found in lemons can help reduce the risk of stroke. In a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), results revealed that there was a risk reduction in subjects who used a combination of the hypertension medication enalapril and folic acid (which can be found in citrus fruits), as opposed to subjects who only took enalapril.

Of those 20,000 adults from China, "first stroke occurred in 282 participants (2.7 percent) in the Enalapril-folic acid group compared with 355 participants (3.4 percent) in the Enalapril group," according to JAMA. Similarly, Certified Holistic Health Coach Molly Lee suggests that the flavonoids in lemons could also help with this health issue.

"Some studies have shown that certain compounds, specifically, flavonoids found in citrus fruits like lemons can reduce the risk of having a stroke," Lee, the founder and director of Energizing Nutrition, says. "Flavonoids are a type of compound found in fruits and vegetables. They assist in fighting inflammation in the body and also help improve blood circulation in blood vessels in the body."

Assist with Preventing Asthma Attacks

Many people seem to find that using lemons in their personal home remedies will aid with asthma attacks and the difficulty of breathing which characterises this ailment. One of those remedies? Homemade lemon juice. Yep, apparently it's as simple as a couple tablespoons of lemon mixed with water.

"Lemons are high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which naturally boosts the immune system," Lee says. "A strong immune system is one factor which can prevent the trigger of an asthma attack. Lemons and lemon juice are also naturally cleansing internally and prevent build-up of mucus and bacteria in the body."

Although I'm by no means recommending that you ditch the inhaler if you do have asthma, it wouldn't hurt to try this lemon method as well to see if it really works!

Lemons Have the Potential to Stop Kidney Stones

Passing kidney stones is said to be an excruciating process and that the pain of passing them can feel equal to, if not worse than childbirth. Basically, it's not something anyone wants to go through, so having the ability to stop them from forming is ideal. And according to Lee, it seems that lemon juice has the potential to do just that by acting "as a kidney stone inhibitor." The higher citrate levels could possibly stop kidney stones from continuing to grow once formed, Lee says. Although this is still being studied, many question whether or not lemon juice could replace potassium citrate, which is typically prescribed to patients to prevent and treat kidney stones.

They Soothe the Throat

When you were young, your parents may have told you that the combination of lemon and honey would make for the perfect concoction for a sore throat. And they were right.

"High vitamin C levels in lemons help boost the immune system, quickening the healing process, preventing infection and reducing phlegm buildup in the body," Lee says. "Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-microbrial properties which help heal and soothe a sore throat. So the combination is a winner!"

So the next time you get a cold and start to feel that irritating tickle in your throat, it's best to head out to the store for these two products. Lee also recommends sticking with fresh organic lemons and lemon juice over any store-bought lemon juice.

Weight Loss Is Possible

If you've been looking for a way to shed a few pounds and stop that stomach bloating, adding lemons to your diet is the perfect way to do so. Not only do they act as a diuretic to help you get rid of that water weight, according to Lee, but they're "naturally alkalising and detoxifying for the body."

"Additionally, when your digestive system is running smoothly, natural weight loss occurs," Lee says. "Lemons can help improve digestion by flushing out toxins as well as aiding in the production of gastric juices, both essential parts to the digestive process. Research has also shown that vitamin C boosts the body's efficiency in breaking down body fat. Since lemons are high in vitamin C, this would aid in natural weight loss as well."

Sure, no one is a huge fan of plain lemons, but if you squeeze some of those bad boys into a glass of water, magic will happen. Or at least something close to it.

They Can Positively Affect Your Immune System

Sometimes just a few lemons will go a long way, and according to Lee, the healthy fruit is one of the alkaline-producing foods that reportedly help to balance out the body's pH levels.

"Although lemons have an acidic flavour, they're actually a high alkaline food which have an alkalising, balancing affect on the body's pH, Lee says. "This results in a healthy immune system, and prevention of colds and disease. In today's society, the overconsumption of acid forming foods (like too much meat, dairy, sugar, processed food) leads to an overly acidic condition in the body."

So if lemons aren't part of your diet already, it might be time to include them now to take advantage of all these amazing health benefits.

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