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20 Important Lessons We Learned From Fashion Month

by Cliche Wynter Published on 2 October 2014
20 Important Lessons We Learned From Fashion Month© Pixelformula

Bye, bye heels and tons of makeup! Now that fashion month is finally over, we can go back to obsessing over the more pressing issues in life, namely #XFactor and Downton Abbey. But before you get too comfy on that sofa, take out your notepad and jot down these uber important lessons we learned in the last few weeks of style mayhem. Cuz you know, fashion is serious, guys.

1. Feminism is in, SO In!

This season Chanel swapped the supermarket theme and went the political protest route.

Newsflash: being a feminist is now chic! (About damn time).

2. North West Is More Fashionable Than We'll Ever Be


And she legit doesn't even care.

3. Olivier Rousteing Is Still Obsessed With Rihanna


But really, what man (gay or straight) isn't madly in love with her? His Balmain Spring 2015 collection was inspired by a photo of him and RiRi. More specifically, one where she rocked a mesh top sans bra. Very groundbreaking stuff.

4. Models Are Gorgeous Without Makeup

Marc Jacobs was, get this, bold enough to send his models down the runway with nary a mascara in sight. Shocker: they were all still incredibly gorgeous.

5. Miley Cyrus Is Not A Great Jewelry Designer

Weeks later and I'm still confused.

6. Cara Delevingne Is Cara Delevingne Even Without Eyebrows

They were bleached into oblivion. But guess what? They do not make the woman!

7. Hailee Steinfeld Is The Queen (Non-Negotiable)


FYI: A FROW selfie with Anna Wintour earns you eternal bragging rights.

8. It's All About Baby Hairs, Dahhhhling!

Hopefully you all have your gel and toothbrushes handy.

9. Kanye Is The Goodwill Ambassador Of Normcore


10. Hats Are Bigger Than Ever Before

It's all due to Pharrell's impact, to be honest.

11. Opening Ceremony's Theatrical Skills Rival Broadway

Awesomeness ensued at their presentation.

12. Masks Aren't Only Reserved For Halloween

Which is great to know, you know? Thanks, Alexander McQueen Spring 2015!

13. We'll Always Love Surprises

We thought Gemma Ward had left the fashion world for good. Then, much to everyone's delight, she came strutting down the runway for Prada! Jaws dropped.

14. Change Is GOOD

Look no further than Louis Vuitton's new logo. Sleek and modern.


15. We're All Barbie Girls, In Barbie's Moschino World

Jeremy Scott gets it.

16. Nicki Minaj Has Considerable Teaching Skills


Schooling the models at Alexander Wang on how to twerk? Mild day.

17. Kendall Be Trippin'...

...at Givenchy that is.

18. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Jean Paul Gaultier punctuated his final ready-to-wear show with a selection of mature women modeling with young hot dudes. The result? Perfection.

19. Comfort Is Cool

Trainers paired with fancy skirts and dresses might seem wrong. But who wants to be right when you can be comfy instead?

20. Fashion Is Exhausting...

...and nothing is as fetch as sleep.

Side note? We also learned about these core trends for next season. Time to get saving...

This article was written by Cliché. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

Cliche Wynter
Cliche Wynter - Published on 2 October 2014
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