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Sound Asleep speaker headboard

by the editorial team ,
Sound Asleep speaker headboard© Sound Asleep Headboard

The Sound Asleep Headboard is the latest way to get ambient sounds into your bedroom.

We've long been enamoured with the Sound Asleep Pillow which cleverly channels sounds into your ear without distubing your bed fellow and without clumsy headphones or uncomfortable ear buds.
But the Sound Asleep Headboard goes a step further.

Working on the same principle as the Sound Asleep Pillow, users can plug in their MP3 player, laptop or stereo and choose what they want to hear through the stylish headboard.

The sounds appear to come from nowhere with no unsightly speaker system to be seen.

It doesn't go up very loud but it can be set at the perfect volume to play white noise or hypnotherapy recordings for sleep, gently wake you with music or radio... or alternatively provide a sexy ambient soundtrack to other bedroom activities. Utter genius.

The Sound Asleep Headboard is £100 and comes in a range of faux-leather finishes or fabric colours.

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