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Struggling To Fit Into Your Jeans? This YouTuber's Hair Tie Hack Has Got You Covered

by Lareese Craig ,
Struggling To Fit Into Your Jeans? This YouTuber's Hair Tie Hack Has Got You Covered

Hair ties - forever lurking on the floor pretending to be a spider when you don't need them and impossible to find when you do, but from here on out, you might want to keep a closer eye on the whereabouts of your bobbles. According to one YouTuber those little fellas could just be the lifeline the button on your favourite (if a little snug) jeans are looking for.

We've all got that one pair of sacred jeans. The ones we claim to wash once a week but we all know it's more like once a month because we have attachment issues and can't go one single day without wearing them, OKAY.

But things happen. Hobnobs happen, premature Autumn happens and having babies happens which means said sacred jeans don't quite love our bodies back in the way we'd hope. Suddenly, despite promising to have and to hold them forever more, they decide that's not enough and we're faced with unrequited love, a messy divorce and a less than sexy rebound with some sweatpants. Which, by the way, would be totally fine if it was on our terms but we're not ready to say goodbye yet. This is the opposite of Gwyny and Chris Martin's conscious uncoupling, this is unconscious uncoupling and we are not taking it well.

Enter YouTuber Anna Saccone Joly and her genius hair tie hack - which is about to make our denim denial a whole lot easier on our hearts. The mum-of-three took to Instagram to share a photo of her body four months postpartum and already back in her favourite jeans. But far from the smug, lets-put-unnecessary-pressure-on-other-mums-to-lose-baby-weight type post, this one is igniting our souls.

​The caption reads: "4 months postpartum and I'm finally fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans ... NOT !! But seriously this hair-tie trick is the biz if you're either side of pregnancy, have eaten too many brownies or just feeling bloated. Also just wanted to give an example of how what you see on Instagram isn't always necessarily "real" I mean god knows what other tricks I might have hiding under my floaty tops."

In the photo, Anna can be seen proudly displaying her post-baby body (and looking incredible as she does it), with a hair tie looped through the button hole on her jeans - a move we'll most definitely be copying the next time our period decides to bless us with a stomach the size of Jupiter or we decide to sink a 12 inch pizza in one sitting. Hey, just because it's not a real baby doesn't mean we're any less entitled to use this hack. Hair ties do not discriminate against food babies and uterus-related hell.

Thank you Anna, for showing us that there's life and love in our sacred jeans yet and that hair ties are so much more than just elastic bands with sprouts of our locks attached to them.

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Lareese Craig
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