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10 Reasons Gals In Glasses Are The Best

by Pascale Day ,
10 Reasons Gals In Glasses Are The Best© imdb

It's official: glasses are now cool. We don't know when or where it happened, but it's definitely a thing. And who started the trend? Us. The short-sighted ones. The long-sighted trend setters. There's people right now, wearing plastic faux glasses, who know they're faking it, just so they can look as cool, and intelligent and fashionable as you. Who woulda thunk it, huh? Here's 10 reasons you tha best!

1. People take you seriously

It's weird. Your glasses have some kind of power. As soon as you put them on, people listen to you. They take notes during your presentations. They trust your opinion on popular culture. You could say 'Justin Bieber for president' and they'd all nod sagely in agreement. You pop on those specs, and the masses listen - they just have that power.


2. You can change up your look instantly

A little change of lenses means you can completely change the look you're going for. A black frames says work time, but a tortoise shell frame says partay time! A clear glass says you're stuck in the office all day, but sunglasses say your out of office is on and if anyone needs you, you'll be in the sun sipping a G&T. Luckily for you, Transitions adaptive lenses mean you don't even have to change into sunglasses - the second you're out of that office and in the glorious sunshine, your glasses will change to sunglasses, without you even have to dig around in your handbag for them. Yes to that!


3. They help you see

I mean, this one is underrated. We all want our glasses to look cool and feel great and compliment our face shape, but when it comes down to brass tacks, they help us see stuff. Like, how you gonna watch that film without the help of your glasses? You can't! How you gonna find your friend at the train station? You can't! It will just be a blurry sea of faces, each one telling you to stop trying to hug them! The fundamental purpose of that glorious fashion statement gracing your face is to help you to see what's what.


4. But they also help you NOT to see, which can be useful sometimes...

On the other hand though, there's some things you just don't want to see. Your mum kissing your dad passionately? Ew. And old flame? No thank you. Just pop those glasses right off and play ignorant. That's the other great thing about glasses - they're perfect for blaming things on.


5. You can avoid making that summer "sun face"

There is a face that we all know well. A face that crops up in summer photos all the time. It's the squinty eyed, confused look that says 'right now, I'm basically staring at the sun. I'm staring right into the sun and it's blinding me.' It's what's known as a "sun face." But, with Transitions lenses, you'll never have to cringe at a photo of your sun face ever again. These adaptive lenses, they've got your back. Ain't no thang.


6. Let's face it, you look hot in glasses

Everyone knows it. The way Beyonce looks in glasses? That's what you look like. Look over the top of those frames and arch an eyebrow like 'Yonce, and there will be men lining up at your feet, each one holding a little microfibre lens cloth in order to win your heart. Face it gurl, you a babe in them glasses.


7. They frame the best part of your face

Gurl, you got beautiful eyes. Nothing brings attention back to those perfect peepers like a pair of specs. They're literally like a frame for your eyes, like mounting to a pretty painting. What better way to show 'em off than with a pair of glasses?


8. Everyone wants to wear glasses

Honestly, go into any fashion shop and you will find glasses, with plastic lenses, lined up neatly ready for young hipsters to buy. That means only one thing: you're a total trendsetter. Own it girl!


9. All powerful women wear glasses

Think of all the powerful women you know. Do they wear glasses? I can already answer that question: the answer is yes. Hillary Clinton wears them. Jennifer Aniston wears them. Emma Watson wears them. Plus, the top five ranking women on Forbes 100 most powerful women all wear glasses. Coincidence? We think not.


10. And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to...

... Women who wear glasses! Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore and Brie Larson - you name 'em, they've had glasses on their face. It's just a sign, all the megababes of Hollywood are specs wearers!


Other style icons wearing glasses

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Anne Hathaway
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