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Barbie gets a tomboy makeover just in time for LFW

by Lareese Craig Published on 12 February 2014
Barbie gets a tomboy makeover just in time for LFW© Pinterest Barbiecollector.com

Barbie's hung up her hot pants and gone all high end for London Fashion Week. Who'd have thought it? Sadie Williams is the woman behind her designer runway makeover which sees the doll ditching her mini skirts for baggy garb. Shocker. Who needs a Ken when you look this good in tomboy apparel?

Yes you can still brush her hair and undress her everywhere if you wish but you'll have to disrobe her of more than her skimpy polka dot swimsuits nowadays.

Thanks to London-based designer Sadie Williams, Barbie's back with a whole new wardrobe for London Fashion Week and it's totes amazing.

Forget unicorns and princess pink, Barbara Millicent Roberts goes all grown up this season in bespoke outfits daubed with amish quilt prints.

The iconic plaything has been revamped with a tomboy twist in baggy, bold and vibrant garb but fear not, her latest outfit change isn't without its fair share of feminine sparkle.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her designs, Williams said: "I wanted to create a Barbie gang of ultra princessy tomboys.

"I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and at the same time I love dressing up. I wanted my Barbies to encapsulate these playful elements by creating special shimmering gowns, each a one-off featuring my hand worked textiles."

As for the thought process behind our fave plastic pal's overhaul? Sadie channelled vintage sports clothing, graphic Amish quilts and the abstract shapes of Frank Stella’s paintings for inspiration.

Get your skates on and head over to Selfridges this Friday to purchase your very own pintsize dress for £120. Call it a Valentine's Day treat to self!

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Lareese Craig
Lareese Craig - Published on 12 February 2014
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