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The Worst Thing About Brexit? It's Going To Make Zara Way More Expensive

by Pascale Day ,
The Worst Thing About Brexit? It's Going To Make Zara Way More Expensive© We Heart It

There's plenty of things to worry about as Theresa May triggers Brexit today: the NHS, the job market, housing prices, the fact the pound is currently in free fall. But how will it affect us as consumers? Turns out when it comes to how we shop, the future is just as uncertain.

It may seem trivial to worry about our shopping habits with a country divided, but consumerism is something that does affect everyday life. Besides, what more do we like to do on payday than trawl the shops for a nice weekend outfit?

The UK woke up to the news this morning that Brexit had ruled the referendum and we were officially out of the European Union. ​This in turn sent the pound into a free fall, dropping to its lowest in 31 years. Not only is this bad for us, but it's bad for our trade, meaning that shops that manufacture products outside the UK will be affected by the change. In the EU, we have a trade agreement, but leaving the EU means that it's likely shops will now have to pay to import products. Yup, you've guessed it: a change in the trade agreement means our favourite shops - like Zara, whose garments are made in Spain and H&M, in Sweden - are most likely going to get kinda pricey. Way to ruin our Friday, world!

Gavin Haig, boss of luxury fashion brand Belstaff told The Independent: "Nothing is proscribed with an exit from Europe, but we would expect it to add complexity and barriers to our business – not good for trade, employees or customers." ​

And while nothing is certain on the fashion front right now, when it comes to our favourite online shops outside the UK - we see you, Nasty Gal fans - the price will hiked up straight away due to the fall of the pound.

Thanks a bunch, Brexit!

How do you feel about Brexit? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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