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Celebrities with grills: The hottest oral accessory EVER?

by Vivian KELLY ,
Celebrities with grills: The hottest oral accessory EVER?© Getty Images

There’s a slightly odd resurgence in celeb-land. The old fad that celebrated its peak in the late 80s and 90s is back - and it’s mega. The grilling trend has crept up on us in the most fashionable way as stars grace the Hollywood red carpets and the screens of Instagram to gives us a little taste of their diamond-encrusted teeth. This is one nasty girl trend that's going global!

We’re not sure if we’re happy that grills and grunge are back in fashion, but both look set to hang around. Celebrity dentistry has gone wild with outrageous bespoke-designed grills with diamante cut finishes and gold-plated teeth. Ladies, the glam grill is back.

We’re seeing a whole host of celebrities showing off their jewel-embellished grills and more recently we've seen them standing out on the red carpet and causing a stir. It's safe to say grills are latest ‘it’ accessory!

At the VMAs last week, Katy Perry flaunted her bejeweled grill with a mega ROAR written across the fore-bottom of her mouth in promotion for her latest hit single (it's called Roar surprisingly).

Miley Cyrus recently admitted in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that she doesn't go anywhere without her grills. She’s got one for each occasion - a 'chill grill' for when she's trying to blend in and a silver chic grill for fancier occasions. Are we missing something?

It seems like everybody who's somebody is gritting their teeth for grills, for a fierce girl look that's one part ghetto one part glam. No surprise that the try-any-trend Kardashian family are jumping in on it too. New mum, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram picture of her latest professional photographs with Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book proving that even mums can pull of this oral accessory.

While fans try to imitate these Hollywood grills, dentists are warning against the effects of grills on your teeth. Grills have been linked to a whole host of oral problems including, gum disease, teeth crowding, infections and even poisoning!

Hmm, sounds like we should leave grill-baring grins to the A-listers. Unless you can afford the post-trend dental surgery...

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