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35 #FromWhereIStand Pictures That Prove The Flat Shoes Are The Best

by Lareese Craig Published on 27 October 2015
35 #FromWhereIStand Pictures That Prove The Flat Shoes Are The Best

Flats are the new heels. There we've said it. Even Victoria Beckham's a convert which means it must be true. From lady like brogues to Parisian points and here's why we're falling for flats hard this season.

Head over heels? Nope we're falling hard for flats this season and not just because it makes running for the bus that little smidgen more stylish.

Whether you're slipping into your pony-haired plimsolls or styling out your sneakers, nothing throws off effortless vibes quite like a polished pair of flats.

So leave your heels at the hotel room because the the argument goes like this. Flats are dope. And here's all the #fwist pics to prove it.

The beauty of brogues

You know flats are officially back when Karl Lagerfeld lets them walk the Chanel catwalk and Victoria Beckham's swapping her stilettos for the pool slider life. There's no faster way to turn an outfit from meh to confidently cool than by kicking back in your brogues *no blister plasters necessary*

flat shoes

Sports day

Track pants, sneakers, mesh fabrics and clean lines, sports chic isn't so much a temporary trend anymore as it is a way of life. Once upon a time we would have laughed in the face of anyone that tried to suggest teaming our best threads with sneakers but it's happening and it's sexy as hell. Sneakers, Vans, Converse you make our feet very, very happy.

flat shoes


There's nothing like melding your most feminine getup with a pair of plimmies to change up your style game. Doesn't doing the unexpected feel so damn good?! That said, they go just as well with your ripped jeans as they do your leather pencil skirt which makes matching your shoes to your outfit in the morning a whole lot easier.

flat shoes

We lace it

There's a reason lace up shoes are all over Instagram and that's because they do all the fancy foot work for you. Simply style them with your off duty wardrobe and an oversized tote for a look that screams Parisian chic. Bonjour!

flat shoes

On point on fleek

Pointed flats are as chic as flats come. Team them with culottes or slip them on with your tailored trews and voila! Your from where I stand game just got a whole lot hotter. Double. Tap. That.

flat shoes

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Lareese Craig
Lareese Craig
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