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Fishnet Tights Are Back Everyone And We're Totally Here For It

by Pascale Day ,
Fishnet Tights Are Back Everyone And We're Totally Here For It© Pinterest

2017 is seeing the revival of the fishnet tight, and with the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lady Gaga sporting a pair, we're totally rooting for the return of the sexy stocking. Yep, fishnets aren't just here for your Halloween costumes anymore, so expect to see them rocking the pins of every fashion-conscious female in the near future.

'Tis the season to be wearing tights. Whether it's with skirts or even underneath our jeans, we can't leave the house without swathing our chilly pins in a pair of nylons. But let's get real: Tights can be so boring sometimes. They have the potential to ruin a perfectly good outfit with the snap of their elasticated waistband. And what's with all those annoying bobbly bits?

Enter: Fishnet tights. More of an exhibitionist than nude hosiery and far more confident than the humble 40 denier tight, the fishnet sexes up any old outfit. Making their comeback every decade or so, fishnets are that extra something that each generation is looking for in an outfit. In the 1920s, the diamond-shaped stockings were typically worn by dancers and flappers - a goodtime tight worn by goodtime gals. Then, in the 1970s, fishnets were embraced by punks, who tore holes in the material and paired them with leather skirts and mohawks. Madonna brought the style into the 80s, often sporting fishnet gloves, fishnet vests and fishnet stockings. Seriously, you couldn't get the girl out of them.

And now, here we are in 2017, bringing 'em back once again. But if you're not feeling confident enough to show a full leg of fishnet, there are plenty of ways to slip the trend into your wardrobe. Get yourself a pair of stocking socks and team them with your scruffiest trainers a la Kendall Jenner, pop them under a pair of ripped jeans, or put them under your fave unripped jeans and a crop top, pulling them up under your bust like Vanessa Hudgens.

For more fishnet fashion inspo, take a look at our fave takes on the stocking below:

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