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How to become a model? Models Power book

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How to become a model? Models Power book

If you've ever dreamt of becoming a model but don't know where to start, then you need this in your life.

How to become a model? Models Power book

Paris based model Lottie Andersen has launched an ebook, 'The Model Guide' on how to get into the competitive world of modelling - and succeed without loosing your soul in the process.

Modelling can be a cruel career - it's all based on how you look after all - but there's much more to making it than looking pretty.

This clever little ebook shares the low down on how to make it as a commercial or fashion model with the insider tips you need to stay sane - and stay ahead of the game.

Packed full of useful advice on how to secure an agency, how to survive castings and how to look after yourself, if you've ever so much as thought about making it as model, this gives you all the tools you need.

As a successful model with a degree in business and psychology, Lottie is well placed to offer supportive advice in her introductory guide to the world of modelling.

She says: "Modelling can easily affect the way you feel and think about yourself. Studying business and psychology gave me a unique opportunity to study the psychological side of being a model.

It turned out many models had self-esteem issues, felt stressed and had problems with the way they felt about their body etc. My mission is to help models feel good about themselves throughout their career.

I wish to cover all the aspects of being a model today. That means the psychological aspects of being a model as well practical tips."

Finally - a sensible, sensitive take on the world of modelling - starving strictly prohibited.

The Model Guide
Available from Models Power

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