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How To Wear A Baker Boy Without Looking Like A Bus Driver

by Lareese Craig ,
How To Wear A Baker Boy Without Looking Like A Bus Driver

Hats are hard. You've got to have a particularly well-behaved, nicely-shaped head to pull one off in most cases which is why we're normally a little love shy around them. But here is the humble baker boy hat. Aka the hat everyone who's anyone is wearing with aplomb and for fear of missing out we're jumping in on the baked goods. Let's just hope we do not look like a bus driver eh!

We're forever wishing our heads in a hat, but a short-lived phase with a New York Yankees snapback taught us everything we need to know ... not compatible. I blame my double crown - that thing's always out to ruin my life.

While I would not be able to show you how to style one up without looking like a bus driver, this lot can. Some girls just get all the luck: this baker boy squad below.

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Lareese Craig
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