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#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Florals And Corals

by Lareese Craig ,
#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Florals And Corals

Think a woman working in politics can't be taken seriously in Jimmy Choos? Wrong. Though she's more likely to be digging a pair of Stan Smiths or Chanel flats, fashion blogger Lucy Connelly of Florals and Corals is setting the agenda for women in fashion and power. They don't have to be separate things y'know. Here's what our #InstaStarSF had to say about positive vibes, outfit of the day selfies and manoeuvring flowers and candles. Don't miss her Instagram takeover TODAY!

​This week on #InstaStarSF Lucy Connelly of Florals and Corals talks juggling politics with Dr Marten collaborations and LFW. It's a tough job living life in the fashion lane, but luckily Lucy's slaying it.

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Why did you set up Florals and Corals?

I started Florals and Corals in 2013, in my final year of studying politics at University. I originally it up as an interiors & lifestyle blog as I needed an outlet for my creative side.

Initially, I never told anyone other than my family but began to enjoy it so much that I decided to launch it publicly in the late summer of last year. Although I always loved personal style, I felt more people would read my blog if it was more lifestyle orientated and, as it turns out, my readers prefer my personal style posts. So, here I am!

How did you decide on the name?

It was actually my boyfriend who named my blog. As I said, it was originally started as a lifestyle and interiors blog and while my taste in interiors is completely different to my personal style, I liked the name and decided to keep it.

What can people expect on your blog?

I think people visit my blog for the beautiful images so I like to express my style in a clean, editorial way. I began collecting Vogue when I was 13 and became besotted with fashion editorials, so I always knew if I were to do style posts they would have to be similar.

I also have taken great inspiration from Jane Aldridge's style blog Sea of Shoes. I aim for my fashion, style and images to not only fascinate and transport people to a better place but also provide a more real and accessible perspective than a high-fashion magazine.

What's the best experience you've had through blogging?

I worked with Dr Martens at the end of last year; I had only been blogging and using social media properly for a few months, so it was a great experience to collaborate with a brand that I have loved and had worn for a long time.

I also attended LFW in February of this year for the first time, which was an incredible experience!

What can we expect on your Instagram take over?

Expect a genuine day in my life. I work in politics part time in addition to all my blogging work, so I'm typically always busy.

You can expect coffee, lunches, style shoots, a lot of Glasgow backdrops and of course those #OOTD selfies.

Who do you check in with every day on Instagram?

I am a huge fan of all the current Dutch style bloggers but The Fashion Guitar and Anouk Yve are my particular favourites. I always check in with the coolest of London girls too, like Lorna Luxe who never fails to spark my creativity and brighten my day.

What's been your most popular post/ the most meaningful thing that's happened to you on Instagram?

I always appreciate it when companies that I love and admire follow me and repost my pictures. The feeling I get when established brands such as Smythson and Aspinal repost my work makes all the hard graft and hours spent manoeuvring flowers and candles to create the perfect image totally worth it.

What do you think will be the next big Insta trend?

Video. I don’t think it has been utilised enough, and now with all huge bloggers using snapchat to give people an insight into their lives, I think Insta video will become more and more popular.

What top tips would you give for Insta success?

Promote your own style, not just in terms of your outfits but in all aspects of your life. Create a style that you love and feel comfortable with and stick to it.

The more uniform you are with beautiful pictures and posts, the more people seem to enjoy your feed and connect with you as an individual.

What are your top styling tips?

I am a great believer of striking the perfect balance between being minimal with an edge and yet still being chic. I’d suggest establishing the foundations of your wardrobe with basic but well made pieces – a good pair of white trainers, a well made grey tee and a cool suede jacket or a denim one – and work it up from there adding key season pieces as the seasons and trends pass through.

How would you describe your Instagram style? Does it differ from your blog?

My Instagram style and blog are surprisingly different. On Instagram I am a bit of a perfectionist and almost all of my images are uniform and clean cut, whilst over on my blog I am a bit more relaxed and easy going.

On the blog I don’t mind silly action pictures, which make me laugh but don’t expect to see these creeping on to my Insta feed!

What makes a great Insta post?

For still pictures, good natural light and simplicity are definitely important. I would also suggest creating images which mean something and are relevant to you, as people mostly want to see a snippet into your real life.

By showing the real you, it allows your audience to connect to your vibes and subscribe to the theme of your feed.

What influences who you follow on Insta?

Style. I love pretty pictures but I love personal style more. I need to be inspired by their style to follow someone.

How important is the image itself on Insta or do captions play a part too?

The quality and beauty contained within an image are definitely important, but if an Instagramer also has the ability to provide wit and humour it will keep me coming back for more.

How difficult is it to stand out in the pool of Instagram fashion bloggers?

It’s extremely difficult, but I suppose it just takes hard work and dedication. It's also part of the fun. I started my feed less than a year ago and have grown from 100 followers to almost 4000 whilst finishing my university degree and working in the hectic world of politics. I know the harder I work, the easier it will become in the future.

Final words of advice/top tips?

Work hard and be positive with your work. If you're going to continue doing well you have to have confidence in yourself, your style and the work you produce.

What's next for Lucy and Florals and Corals?

I’m investing more time in my blog and social media channels, so expect a lot more posts and interaction with readers. The fast approaching summer will also produce lots of travel and cameo appearances on the blog from European landmarks and noticeable locations from across the pond.

Don't forget to follow Lucy's Instagram takeover today on @sofeminineUK!

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#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Florals And Corals
#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Florals And Corals
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