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Primark Recalls Men's Flip-flops Over Fears They Contain A Cancer-causing Chemical

by Helen Turnbull ,
Primark Recalls Men's Flip-flops Over Fears They Contain A Cancer-causing Chemical

Primark has saved our skin during many a wardrobe-related crisis but if you've purchased a certain pair of flip-flops recently, you're owed a full refund. The budget, British high-street fashion chain has been forced to recall thousands of pairs of men's sandals over fears they contain dangerous levels of a cancer-causing chemical.

Primark has been notified that a certain style of footwear - namely, men's flip-flops in black, blue and khaki - "does not meet the Primark usual high standards for chemical compliance" as they've been found to contain a cancer-causing chemical.

"We have found levels of a restricted substance in the product in excess of the 1.0 mg/kg requirement," the discounted retailer posted on its website. Additionally, a Primark spokesperson confirmed the chemical in question is chrysene - which is commonly used in dark coloured dyes and can cause cancer - but reassured customers the levels contained in the shoes pose a 'minimal' threat to health and safety.

The footwear in question was part of the Cedar Wood State range and sold in stores nationwide between 4 January and 2 June this year. Primark is offering customers a full refund, even if they do not have proof of purchase. A spokesperson for Primark added: "We take the safety of our customers, and the quality of our products very seriously."

The company has suspended all orders from the factory which manufactures the flip-flops while the issue is fully investigated.

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