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Kate Moss in reveal-all TV documentary

by Lareese Craig ,
Kate Moss in reveal-all TV documentary© GETTY

Despite being one of the world’s most successful super models, Kate Moss is notoriously private about her personal life (and her partying past). But it was only a matter of time before someone lifted the lid on her mysterious megastar lifestyle and now in a TV documentary Kate’s nanny is about to reveal all.

Kate Moss’s long-term nanny, Mary Davidson, is set to spearhead a lurid TV programme documenting the British model’s life.

Mary has been nanny to Kate and her family for years and has been privy to the intimate lives of the Moss family through the highs and lows.

A source said: “Mary’s seen it all – the tantrums, the tears, the days where Kate’s in her pyjamas. Kate embraces being un-perfect when she’s off duty.” When you’re as busy as Mossy who can blame her?

The tell-all show promises to lay Moss’s private life bare featuring exclusive interviews with her Primrose Hill pals and close friends Pearl Lowe and Debbi Clark.

The Primrose Hill group were famous in the 90s for their raucous party-animal antics and raunchy rendez-vous, but since then things have calmed a bit for the star.

Although the documentary makers have Kate’s permission to film, she’s becoming increasingly concerned about how she could be made to look.

She knows how easy it is to edit clips and manipulate film in a number of ways so the idea that this show could damage her family is the scariest part of this experience.

The insider adds: “What if it’s edited down and the perception is that she’s a bad mother who’s never around? People can be judgmental about working mums, and Kate has to fly all over the world.”

Kate’s spoken in the past about the public’s misconception of her wild ways so perhaps this is the chance for people to see the real Miss Moss.

Despite her bubbling concerns Kate couldn’t say no to Mary’s request: “It’s scary – Kate’s only human after all but at some point she had to let go, take that leap of faith, and trust that her good nature will come across…”

With no release date set it looks like we’ll have to keep our eye on the TV guide for this one – it’s going to be a corker.

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Lareese Craig
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