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16 Reasons Why Fairytale Love Is The Best Kind Of Love

by Vivian KELLY ,
16 Reasons Why Fairytale Love Is The Best Kind Of Love© We Heart It

After wailing over the new Cinderella we couldn’t help but think just what is it about fairytale love stories that make our hearts flutter and melt. Is it the zero arguments? The man that would risk his life just for YOU? Their picture perfect life? Well basically, yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a fairytale love story of our own. Here’s why fairytale love is the best kind of love…

1. You know you can count on him

In fairytales there’s NO if or buts - no questions asked. If you have a problem you know your man will help you out to his utmost ability. He’d do anything for you as you’d do for him.

2. He’s your Prince Charming

Your infatuated with his love, you are head over heels for him and on cloud 10. He is everything you ever wanted and more. The best part? The feeling is mutual.

3. Beauty is more than looks

He doesn’t just love you because of how beautiful you are - do you know how many beautiful people there are in the world? Instead he loves you for your intangible qualities like that face you pull when you put on your lipstick or how how worked up you get when you’re talking about someone you care about.

4. Chivalry is never dead

Opening the door for you, offering his jacket when you’re chilly, pulling up the car when it’s raining and offering his seat is so adorably sweet and always make our hearts melt with love. Believe it or not ladies, these fairytale men do exist.

5. It’s so imperfect…

…that it's perfect. Did Ariel ever give up on her love despite have a fish tail for legs? Nup. Sure, you may disagree on things sometimes and drive each other crazy, but none of that matters - you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Couples who can work things out civilly and get right back where they started with no doubt and no resentment are the strongest. Don't sweat the small stuff.

6. You put him in awe

Every once in a while he looks at you and pauses thinking how goddam lucky he is. We love it.

7. He’d take a bullet for you

There’s no denying that your man will do ANYTHING for you - even if that meant risking his own life. He loves you and if you need him, he’ll be there, no questions asked.

8. He loves you for YOU

A man who doesn’t judge you for your childhood, past or your job status is a man worth holding on to. He doesn’t care about any of that - all he cares about is you and who you are inside and out.

9. He puts your needs first

A real man will put his family's needs first and just as he’d put his family first, if you’re a woman he truly loves then you will come as a priority too.

10. Love is unconditional

There’s no ‘I’ll wait until I find the next best thing,’ you ARE literally the best woman he’s ever got the pleasure to ever know and he will never, ever stop loving you. Grateful doesn't even cut it.

11. You just know

Sometimes, ‘you just know’. The mixed feeling of excitement, love, energy, nervousness and anxiousness can take over you. But it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

12. There’s not a doubt in your mind

Sure, you might have a few questions cross your mind - that’s normal. But when you speak to your friends, introduce him to your parents and speak to him, there is no doubt in your mind that he is the man for you.

13. You never give up

Love isn’t supposed to be easy, not even fairytale love. But the one thing that truly makes it special is that neither of you give up on each other. You’re a team, you work together to work things out and if something's bothering one of you, you talk things through.

14. You’d do anything

If you’re both willing to work at it and put the same amount of work in, your love story will never end. Sometimes in love someone ends up falling short and giving up too soon, but this only leads to regret. Work at it - Princess Jasmine and Belle Did it. Have you ever seen a bad fairytale ending?

15. You know him like the back of your hand

You know each other so well that you can call each other out when someone’s done something wrong or not feeling good about themselves. You’re always there to support each other no matter - that’s special girl.

16. Affection never dies

No matter how long you’ve been with your beau, you always give him the affection he needs. It’s never forced though, you want to show him how much you care, it comes naturally.

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