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The Explicit Emojis Taking Sexting To A Whole New Level

by Lareese Craig ,
The Explicit Emojis Taking Sexting To A Whole New Level

At first we were upset that the bacon emoji took so long, but now we have vajayjays and booty call icons to play with. Hallelujah, we never have to type the word fanny again. Happy. Days.

From the fried egg to the love heart, of all the every day emojis out there there's still a couple of essentials missing from our keyboard. We are of course nodding at the one and only vagina emoji. It's shocking how we've managed to go this long without it.

For all of ya'll struggling to communicate out there, the wait is over. The creative whizzes over at Flirtmoji.com have got all your sexting needs well and truly covered. Or you know, if you wanna tell your BFF you're having some me time tonight.

As you can see, they got pretty real in the design phase because FYI, our lady bits are pretty diverse. Porn lied ya see.

Artist Jeremy Yingling, who designed the emojis with Katy McCarthy, says they've been working hard to represent "all the things we find sexy in the human form," such as "diverse skin tones, tangles of hair, and details like wrinkles, veins, freckles, piercings, and curves." Everything that makes our southern region the beautiful masterpiece that it is.

And they haven't stopped at vaginas. There's everything from butts, boners, booty calls and a bunch of sperm, so if baby making's on your agenda why not Whatsapp a sack of those bad boys over to your partner, let him know the POA for tonight.

At the moment there's no app to download so you'll have to make do with cutting and pasting these wickedly-talented icons onto your phone from the website. Maybe just delete search history eh!

Would you of rather had the bacon emoji? Or will these sexting emojis fill the void? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Lareese Craig
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