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5 Amazing Classes That Will Change The Way You Look At Exercise

by Emmy Griffiths ,
5 Amazing Classes That Will Change The Way You Look At Exercise© Seen on Screen

For everyone who has persevered with their fitness regime as a January resolution, we salute you. But if the gym has started to become a little tedious, and if you don't think you can stomach the sight of that treadmill for one more second, why not try out a class? Better still, try out an unusual class. Keeping you fit AND happy, here are the unusual classes we tried out and most definitely would recommend...

  1. · Pole Fit
  2. · Zumba
  3. · Seen on Screen dancing
  4. · Trampoline exercise
  5. · Wonderush

Pole Fit

Everyone knows that pole dancing is the latest hot craze to get fit, but did you know about pole fit? This encapsulates everything you need to be able to navigate that unforgiving pole, and so it is a range of circuits to improve your upper body strength, as well as some all important pole time. Forgiving HIIT classes, THIS is the ULTIMATE strength workout. It tones up your arms, legs, bum and tum and you will leave the class feeling like you've had the best workout of your life (not to mention the fact that you, a human person, actually managed to shimmy up a pole using naught but your THIGHS.)


An oldie but a goodie. While Aerobics leaves you tripping over yourself and trying to compete with those women at the front who have been here so many times that they are starting the new moves a beat before the instructor, Zumba is much more about throwing yourself into action and not caring how you look, because nobody else is and it is SO refreshing.

Seen on Screen dancing

Ever watched a music video and wondered how on earth they do it, or if you could ever do that? Seen on Screen is here to make your professional back-up dancer dreams come true as they take you through the routine of your favourite tune step by step until you are popping and hair flicking and booty grinding away like you always dreamed you could. Even if you are useless at dancing, their beginner classes will have you laughing at your mistakes as everyone throws themselves into the same boat.

Look at her butt #seenonscreen #fitness #dance

A video posted by Emmy Griffiths (@emmyfg12) on Jan 17, 2016 at 8:11am PST

Trampoline exercise

Get fit and nostalgic at the same time by bouncing your way to health! At the UK Trampoline Park (basically a huge building with layers upon layers of trampolines - you'll think you've died and gone to bouncy heaven) the fitness class gives you a much harder workout than you might expect as you NEVER stop moving. More than one person in our class collapsed onto their trampolines in an effort to get their breathe back (still bouncing gently, of course).


Not so much of an exercise class but most definitely worth a mention. Have you ever had a look at people attending these sorts of classes and just have no idea where to begin to find the sort of classes you want to try out? Well, Wonderush is the answer. With membership £5 for the first month then £29 thereafter, the site lets you book as many classes as you want to try out all across London. This isn't just exercise either (even though there is so many fitness classes you won't know where to begin.) The site also gives you a chance to try out classes like knitting, life drawing or comedy gigs! Trust us, it's AWESOME.

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