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Nauli Is The Freakiest Yoga Trick You'll Never Be Able To Master

by Helen Turnbull ,
Nauli Is The Freakiest Yoga Trick You'll Never Be Able To Master© Instagram

In today's WTAF news we bring you the art of Nauli - a notoriously tricky yoga move that only the most nimble of yogis can master. To the non-yoga practising people among us the abdominal exercise involves circling the stomach from left to right in a whirlpool-like motion and it's as freaky as it sounds.

To say my yoga-position repertoire and ability is basic would be an overstatement so you can imagine my shock when Nauli started running circles around my Instagram feed. Nauli is a specific type of yoga that only the most talented of yoga-practising people can truly master and it's having a moment on social media - a quick search of the hash tag will show you why.

Nauli involves collapsing the shoulders and 'revolving the stomach left and right with the speed of a strong whirlpool' which sounds simple enough but when you see the real-life yogi-misters in action, you'll soon think otherwise. The Nauli professionals of the world have been showing off their skills on Instagram and we're totally in awe.

But we have so many questions: where do their organs go? Can only super-skinny people master this move? And why? While we're still trying to answer the former, fully-qualified yoga instructor Aubry Wiltcher from California shed some light on the latter, telling Cosmo US: "With time and patience, it's accessible by all body types, I promise," but it's not recommend you try it during pregnancy. She also described it as "nothing short of a blissful massage for your internal organs" which goes some way to explaining why people are so keen to nail Nauli. It's believed this act of massaging your insides can help relieve all manner of digestion complaints, including constipation.

Will you be attempting to nail Nauli? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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