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I Tried Yoga For My Face And It Made My Skin Feel Five Years Younger

by Helen Turnbull ,
I Tried Yoga For My Face And It Made My Skin Feel Five Years Younger

Just when you thought we'd exhausted all types of yoga, along comes the facial kind - or the so-called 'Benjamin Button of facials'. While you may not be convinced that stretching in a room full of sweating strangers (Bikram yoga) is good for your mind, body and soul, the fact the Yoga Facial requires no effort may persuade you to join the namaste movement yet.

Facials are nothing short of a minefield - from the Vampire kind Kim Kardashian swears by to the equally spooky Phantom variety everyone in Hollywood credits their youthful skin to - and they're even more so when you prefix the word facial with 'yoga'. Let me enlighten you.

Contrary to popular belief, the Yoga Facial - which is exclusive to Aesthetics Lab, a boutique clinic in Primrose Hill which is popular among the Made In Chelsea set - does not require you to make funny faces, under the instruction of a dermatologist slash yoga teacher - in fact, it's quite the opposite. Dubbed the 'Benjamin Button of facials' for its anti-aging properties, the Yoga Facial involves a thorough skin examination in order for the therapist to pick out the best products and a specialised, facial massage to stimulate the blood vessels and tease out the toxins for healthier, younger-looking skin.

The skin examination was an eye-opener to say the least. Sidenote: Be prepared to answer questions about your skincare concerns and medical history if you want to feel the full benefits, it's nothing to be anxious about as your therapist will put you at complete ease. For years I've resigned myself to the fact I've got oily skin only for the therapist and her spotlight to reveal my T-zone is extremely dry in parts. With that in mind, she proceeded with my bespoke skincare routine.

My skin was steamed to open the pores and rid it of any unsightly black heads before my therapist gently massaged an exfoliator into the surface to ensure a deep cleanse. I could already feel the effects - my face felt firmer and baby smooth i.e. all the benefits of Botox without any needles. Finally, came the 'yoga' part which involved her rubbing and prodding my cheeks downwards to remove any tension.

My Yoga Facial included Lymphastim which is best described as an automated, lower-body massage i.e. the perfect way to start a miserable winter morning. It basically involves you slipping into a pair of Wallace and Gromit-style trousers while a machine massages your legs and lower abdomen. The power level can be increased or decreased depending on your preferences. The vibrating modules stimulate the lymphatic system which drains away metabolic residuals and targets cellulite. The whirring and clicking of the massage machine does slightly compromise the clinic's claim that the Yoga Facial is its most relaxing treatment but it's a small price to pay to be massaged almost from head-to-toe.

My Verdict

The treatment claims you'll see results instantly and I have to say there were no broken promises as I bounced out of the clinic feeling as though my skin was in the best condition it's ever been (no exaggeration) and at least five years younger, minus a few drunk-fall scars. It felt firm and glowing - not quite Snapchat-filter levels but you catch my drift. I was relaxed from head-to-toe thanks to the automated massage and the hour-long treatment did wonders for clearing my mind so I was ready to for whatever that day would throw at me. All in all: 10/10, would recommend.

The Yoga Facial with Lymphastim is priced at £160 for one hour. You can book online at aestheticslab.co.uk or by calling 020 7722 5872

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