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Lip Make up at a glance

The biggest make up mistakes YOU are making!

The biggest make up mistakes YOU are making!

Toilet Paper Lip Art Is Here & It's Anything But Turd

In the latest 'unlikely household item to be used as a beauty essential' news, it's the humble toilet paper's time to shine. Yes you read that right, those paper thin sheets usually...

This Red Lipstick Has Replaced MAC's Ruby Woo As The Make-up Artist Favourite

There's no denying a punchy red lip is the ultimate finishing touch to any look and when it comes to the most popular product, MAC's Ruby Woo rules them all, well until now that is...

Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Red Lip

The hunt for the perfect red lipstick is a task that for most beauty lovers and lipstick obsessives will seemingly never be complete. For some, a classic red lip is an everyday...

L'Oréal Are Launching A Beauty And The Beast Makeup Collection And We're Hyped

Listen up Disney fans, we've got a reason good enough to quit your plush toy collecting habit and save those pennies, and it comes in the form of a Beauty And The Beast makeup...

I Tried Yoga For My Face And It Made My Skin Feel Five Years Younger

Just when you thought we'd exhausted all types of yoga, along comes the facial kind - or the so-called 'Benjamin Button of facials'. While you may not be convinced that stretching...

How To Wear Emma Watson's Orange Lip For Summer

Ever since Emma Watson and Keira Knightley stepped out with their hot tomato pouts, celebrities and trend setters alike have been embracing a modern take on the statement lip....

How To Do The Perfect Cat Eye Make-up In Five Minutes Flat

Kitty flicks, cat eye makeup or feline ticks, whatever you call your eyeliner strokes they sure are hot right now, so getting this look down pat is a matter of urgency. They might...

Palmer's lip balm: Cocoa butter and chocolate lip balms

Protect your lips with Palmer’s latest delectable invention: chocolate lip balm!

Vegan-friendly lip glosses in super yummy shades

It’s not very easy to buy cosmetics which are vegan and vegetarian friendly, so it’s really good to hear that Kitten Vixen Cosmetics has awarded the vegan stamp for...

How to look photogenic on holiday

Impress in your holiday photo album with beauty advice from celebrity make-up artist KRISTINA THEODORIS and photography tips courtesy of Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Choosing and applying lip gloss

Gloss makes your lips dazzle and shine, and can also hydrate and care for them. Here's all about gloss!

How to apply lipstick

A woman’s smile speaks volumes, revealing her beauty, charm and mood; hence why lipstick needs to be applied perfectly! Here are the secrets of a sublime smile.