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Choosing and applying lip gloss

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Choosing and applying lip gloss

Gloss makes your lips dazzle and shine, and can also hydrate and care for them. Here's all about gloss!

> In the 70s, gloss first came out, adding neutral or coloured shine to lips. It was thick, sticky and really uncomfortable!

> Many of today's glosses care for your lips and even contain SPF. They may contain light-reflecting elements such as mother of pearl and active crystal ingredients to make your pout dazzle, and come in light, pratically non stick formulae.

Luscious, fruity, syrupy, soft textures are a treat for your lips, giving moisture and shine. But while gloss lasts longer than it used to, this still isn't very long. Regular re-application is required!

How do you apply it?
Make sure your lips are soft and smooth so that your gloss slides on easily. Scrub your lips beforehand, apply lip balm and rub with a paper towel to remove loose dead skin (or use a special buffer product).

Choose gloss that suits your skin tone
- If you have dark or tanned skin, go for orangey, coral or apricot hues.
- If you have pale skin, soft peach, pale pink and beige will suit you.

Choose gloss according to the look you want
- For a natural look, choose transparent gloss.
- For a vinyl look, dare to wear fuchsia (and apply several coats!)
- For nighttime, go for extreme shine with glitter gloss.
- For a glamorous look, mix bright pink and purple.
- For an up-to-the-minute fun look, gloss your upper lip bright pink and your lower lip orange.

Making colour stay
Colour your lips with a pencil, from the outer corner in, then apply your gloss. This will ensure that the colour base lasts. Reapply as and when you need to retain your shine. Apply matte or satin lipstick on your lips, then slick natural gloss over the top so that you don’t change the tone, or fruity gloss for added zest.

If you have thin lips...
Cheat a little by outlining your lips with a pencil the same colour as your gloss to make your lips look bigger, add volume by using mother of pearl gloss and apply a small blob to the centre of your lips.

If you have full lips...
Neutral gloss will emphasise your lips, fruity gloss looks flirty and and bright gloss equals full-on sex appeal!

If you wear shiny lip gloss, don't wear shiny make-up on your eyes. It's OTT unless you're on a night out. For daytime, contrast matte make-up with shiny lips.

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