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Toilet Paper Lip Art Is Here & It's Anything But Turd

by Rose Adams ,
Toilet Paper Lip Art Is Here & It's Anything But Turd

In the latest 'unlikely household item to be used as a beauty essential' news, it's the humble toilet paper's time to shine. Yes you read that right, those paper thin sheets usually reserved for wiping our behinds are now making their way to our erm, lips. But there's method to this madness because the result is simply *sparkling*

First bloggers were praising dental floss picks for their ability to remove pesky blackheads, then we learned how to use lube as makeup primer, so you'd be forgiven for thinking things have really gone down the pan now this makeup artist is championing loo roll to create lip art. But stay with us on this one, because the result is actually stunning.

Italian makeup artist Greta Agazzi discovered the humble loo roll sheet is perfect for creating movement and texture, meaning the odd combo is a match made in makeup heaven. The best part is, you'd never actually know this luxe lip look was created from the stuff we wipe our butts with, as it's a dead ringer for foil or holographic cellophane.

A post shared by Greta Agazzi (@greta_ag) on May 21, 2017 at 12:59pm PDT

To create the mouth masterpiece, the MUA cut the toilet roll sheet down to size before attaching it to her lip with lash glue. She then manipulated it using a toothpick and achieved that gorgeous, iridescent shade using a Lime Crime gloss. Speaking to Seventeen, Greta revealed: "I often try to create lip arts focused on the concept of texture. This time I wanted to go for a kind of gift wrap effect. Toilet paper is used in the [special effects] makeup to create texture underneath the base, so that's where I took the technique."

From our (butt) cheeks to our chops, loo roll never looked so good.

Will you be giving loo roll lip art a go? Share your selfies with us @SoFeminineUK!

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