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21 Reasons You Should Give Fifty Shades Darker A Chance

by Emmy Griffiths ,
21 Reasons You Should Give Fifty Shades Darker A Chance

To all the girls out there who point blank refuse to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, we get it. Maybe the books aren't your bag, or you can't stand the sight of Jamie Dornan without any stubble - whatever the reason, here's why we think you should give it a chance - in time for the release of Fifty Shades Darker this February.

1. Admit it, you're a little 'curious'

You're literally unable to escape Fifty Shades of Grey. It is EVERYWHERE. So if you've actively decided to avoid it at all costs, aren't you just a little bit curious?!

2. It's actually SO much more than just sex

The story is about two people making an emotional connection and how the guy's damaged past and emotional issues slowly become healed by the girl as she discovers her sexuality. Doesn't that sound really, REALLY good? See? It's not just about a girl shouting 'Holy Cow!' as she orgasms more times than scientifically possible.

3. You didn't read the bestselling book, but those numbers don't lie

Maybe you didn't bother with the trilogy that started out as Twilight fan fiction but millions of other people did and they LOVED it. So pick up the book, watch the film and get on board!

4. You can't pretend like the hype isn't happening

As much as you might want to avoid it, Fifty Shades has two sequels in the works so it isn't going away any time soon. Why shrug and turn away when you can join the party?!

5. With the digital download there are some serious PROS

You can get the title on iTunes now – before the DVD on 22nd June! And it comes loaded with behind the scenes featurettes and interviews, AND the chance to have a first look at the sequel with a teaser of Fifty Shades Darker - it's almost too easy to indulge! Especially when you can watch it on pretty much ANYWHERE (though it might be worth shielding your screen if you watch it on public transport, obviously!).

6. There's not one single mention of an inner goddess

We love the books, but some lines are just too cringe-worthy to be translated for the big screen. Fortunately the screenwriters clearly did their research beforehand and realised that including Ana's literary inner dialogue would force most audience members to voluntarily choke on their popcorn to escape the awkward.

7. It's a modern day romance

It's a typical story of two people from different worlds falling in love, only this version involves cable ties and blindfolds.


As in, not a single Hollywood bikini wax in sight. *Round of applause*

9. Their relationship, though dramatic, isn't unhealthy

A lot of the negative publicity surrounding the movie questions whether the BDSM relationship between Ana and Christian is all that healthy, but in the film this just isn't the case. Although their love might be pretty intense and Christian might follow her around like a little lost puppy, nothing ever happens that Ana does not consent to.

10. The soundtrack is banging

It really is though.


11. If Mr Grey isn't your cup of tea, Jose certainly will be

Oh hey Jacob Black Jose. Thank you for sort of being the third part of the love triangle.

12. Anastasia isn't nearly as pathetic as you might think

The lip-biting, soft spoken girl who becomes Christian's Submissive shows off a whole lot more character than you'd ever anticipate in the film. She's independent and wilful with, yes, a HUGE crush on a hot young billionaire. Can you blame her?!

13. She is actually pretty funny

Her drunk phone call to Christian is utterly priceless.

14. There are some HOT sex scenes

And we're not complaining. Bring on Christian in those jeans 😍

15. It was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood and it shows

Sam Taylor-Wood directed the successful Nowhere Boy and made Fifty Shades much more stylish than we'd have imagined!

16. Jamie Dornan has a nice body

Not sure anyone's mentioned it or even really noticed before, but we did. It's nice to look at and he seems contractually obliged to take his shirt off in most scenes so, you know, there's that.

17. And face

He is also pretty. Sorry if you love a bit of stubble, but if you're all about the clean shaven sex Gods of this world you're in for a treat.

18. The whole thing is very witty

Although there are some lines of the screenplay which make us giggle, the intentional humour was a total surprise. The discussion over Christian's sex contract is utter GOLD.

19. You can join everyone on hating Kate

Just wait till you meet Ana's annoying housemate Kate. Just wait till she steals Ana's sandwich. You'll see RED.

20. You can watch it for laughs

Having a girly evening in with your mates, sharing a bottle of wine and sticking this on sounds like a perfect girls in evening. That being said...

21. Or if you need some alooooone time

It's just just as good to watch when you're alone. Because sometimes your Christian isn't for sharing.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is available to download on iTunes before its DVD release on 22nd June! If you’re curious for more – you’ll get major added extras including exclusive behind the scenes footage, music videos and a first look at Fifty Shades Darker.

So are you going to give it a try? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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